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Attendance at Regional and National events

ABF research reveals that the main reasons people enjoy bridge are:

  • the mental challenge
  • the social aspects of the game (including making new friends)
  • the competitive nature of the game
  • attending and participating in congresses;  and
  • the travel opportunities.

Clubs should encourage their members to attend Regional and National bridge events so that you maximise their enjoyment of their sport as these events provide opportunities to accommodate all of the above motivational factors.  

Remember - happy members will on-sell the sport to their friends and family!

Over the past 12 months, the majority of participation rates at our major events are showing an increase, which is a fabulous outcome. The comparative figures are shown below for your information.  (Note that the first figure shows the number of tables for 2013 and the second figure represents the number for 2014.)

  1. Summer Festival of Bridge : 427 - 514 (+20.37%)
  2. Gold Coast Congress : 1098 - 1146 (+4.37%)
  3. ANOT : 121 - 133 (+9.92%)
  4. VCC : 151 - 177 (+17.22%)
  5. Barrier Reef Congress : 95 - 91 (-4.21%)
  6. Tasmanian Festival of Bridge : 104 - 107 (+2.8%)


Visible Club values

The Peninsula Bridge Club in New South Wales (400+ home club members) has advised that posters from the ABF Please be Considerate range, which have been placed on their club walls, have met with favourable comment from their members.

The Club also displays some of the posters from the Laws of Bridge suite of products - these are also popular, particularly with their newer players.

The Moreton-Bribie Bridge Club in Queensland (100+ home club members) has a Please be Considerate poster in the main play area and they have also included the information on their table number cards.  

These initiatives have prompted some very favourable feedback from members of their club.

What great ways to reinforce the message about being considerate to other players!

ABF Facebook

Q.   Has your Club 'liked' the ABF Facebook page yet? 

Q.   Have you encouraged your members to 'like' the ABF Facebook page? 

This is another way for them to stay up-to-date with all the latest news.

You could place an article in your next club newsletter letting them know of this newish communication channel.

Social media tools like Facebook enable us to 'reach' people who might not otherwise know or hear about bridge.  It can make bridge more 'real' to people.

Help promote our sport - like the ABF Facebook page now.

ABF Marketing


If your have any queries, or would like to share any information about what has worked well for your Club, please contact the ABF National Marketing Officer at marketing@abf.com.au .

Happy bridging everyone!