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Noosa Bridge Club initiative - a mid-week congress

The Noosa Bridge Club held its inaugural mid-week (Thursday) Congress in 2013 to coincide with the Noosa Long Week-end (held in June), an annual event that attracts thousands of people from far and wide.  It was felt that many attendees of the Noosa Long Week-end may be bridge players who might like to come early to take the opportunity to play in a Congress.  

52 Pairs participated with sufficient entrants to create A, B and C categories for prize-giving - 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each.  In addition, an encouragement award was given to the pair with the least number of Masterpoints playing in the event (encouraging more 'newer' players to enter such events).

The 2014 mid-week congress attracted 68 pairs.

Reasons for the success of this new event include:

  • the club has garnered a reputation for providing good bridge in a pleasant environment
  • the club is run by a team of people who simply make things happen
  • personal approaches to many members about the roles they could play as volunteers - they almost had to turn people away
  • having a great director (Peter Busch) - the Club provides a directing assistant when there are more than 30 tables
  • their volunteer caddies who ensure that players are kept happy during play;  and
  • great volunteer kitchen staff to ensure that tummies are satisfied all day long.

The Club provides:

  1. a prize pool at least 35% of total entry income
  2. a substantial lunch with wine/juice bar and nibbles and full bar at the end of the day
  3. a clubhouse full of flowers and greenery
  4. a clubhouse which is clean and tidy;  and
  5. volunteers who wear a HAPPY FACE!

Congratulations to Club President (Gerald Schaaf), Congress Convenor (Jan Beckett), Congress Coordinator (Gayna Ryan) and the impressive team at Noosa Bridge Club.

ABF Draft Guidelines - Dealing with unacceptable behaviour

The ABF has developed a suite of 'products' to assist clubs in addressing unacceptable behaviour.  

ABF research reveals that this is a major issue which needs to be addressed if we are to 'grow' our sport in Australia by providing a welcoming environment in our clubs and at our events.

Clubs are invited to 'massage' the documents to suit their needs. The 'products' include:

  • a flyer - Be a Good Sport.  This is designed to make the game fun for everyone by outlining the few, simple proprieties that make bridge fair and enjoyable 
  • a draft Code of Conduct - this could be outlined in a Club newsletter or mentioned on a website;  and
  • draft guidelines for Clubs - Complaint handling and disciplinary procedures.

These documents can be accessed from the ABF website.


ABF National Marketing Workshop

sydney 2

The ABF National Marketing workshop was held in Sydney on 14-15 June with representatives from all States and Territories (except for the Northern Territory).

A draft National plan is currently with the participants for feedback before it is submitted to the ABF Marketing Committee for approval.

The National Marketing Plan 2014-17 will be placed on the ABF website once it has been approved. 

Watch this space!