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ANC - Freemantle

I will be attending the ANC on 21 and 22 July and would love to catch up with anyone who has queries about ABF marketing.

I will have with me some free promotional material which may be useful for your club.   Please drop by and say hi!

ABF Promotion - August 2015


Reminder :  the ABF has placed a one page promotion in the August 2015 edition of the Australian Teacher Magazine.

This will issue to schools on 21 July.

Take advantage of the promotion by notifying schools in your area of dates for your next beginner course.  

Good luck!

Maitland Bridge Club - going from strength to strength

With the help of an ABF Marketing Grant in 2013 this club has seen a membership increase of 62% over recent years.

Their proactive management committee developed a Plan with clear objectives and strategies. They aimed to:

  1. attract and keep new members
  2. increase the playing frequency of existing members
  3. improve the standard of play of existing members;  and
  4. continue providing a friendly, encouraging and positive atmosphere.

The grant assisted the management team to achieve the following milestones:

  • appointment of three active teachers following Joans Butts' books and strategies - one trainer has now been accredited.
  • appointment of five new directors officiating at bridge sessions.
  • introduction of two walk-in sessions each week and a mentoring program for newer players.
  • held a Novice Congress in 2014 providing the first congress experience for many new players.
  • provided members with development days provided by Joan Butts. More workshops with Joan are planned for later this year - catering to more advanced players.
  • purchased Bridgemates and instructed members on their use (making them more confident playing in a congress knowing how to operate them);  and
  • established an effective relationship with their local newspaper. Check out items 9 & 10 on the ABF website for recent newspaper articles about the club.

This club is a busy social place that their members are keen to visit. They have now been able to stop all fundraising activities.

If you find yourself in Maitland, check out this progressive and friendly club!

Get connected!


Australian Facebook data  : as at 30 June 2015

Total Users : 14,000,000 (same as last month)

Penetration of Population:  60.53%

Gender split (M/F) :  47% / 53%

Largest Age Segment :  25-34 (26.3%)

Have you 'liked' the ABF Facebook site yet?   It is a great way to keep up to date with the latest news and for every 'share' or 'like' you will be promoting bridge to a wider audience.

Get connected now!

ABF Education Program


1.     More Teacher Workshops

Joan Butts, the ABF National Teaching Coordinator, will be conducting the following Professional Development Days in 2015. For further information and details, contact your State Association.

  1. Melbourne, Victoria - 26 July
  2. Brisbane Water, New South Wales - 30 August
  3. Townsville, Queensland - 6 September
  4. Adelaide, South Australia - 13 September.

Attendance at one of these workshops will accrue a further 10 points towards a teacher's accreditation (provided they have attended a Teacher Training Program beforehand).

Click here for information about the ABF Teacher Accreditation Program.

2.     Teachers' Forum Launched - 1 July 2015

As you may be aware, the ABF launched a Teachers' Q&A Discussion forum on 1 July.  This communicton channel enables bridge teachers to seek advice on bidding, play or defence from expert teachers and players.

The panel of experts includes Joan Butts (Queensland), Peter Smith (Western Australia), Hugh Grosvenor (Tasmania), Will Jenner-O'Shea (New South Wales), Ron Klinger (New South Wales), Paul Lavings (New South Wales) and Phil Gue (South Australia).

To access the Teachers' Forum click "Forum" on the ABF homepage (top right of page).

All TTP trained teachers were notified of this ABF initiative direct by the ABF National Teaching Coordinator, Joan Butts.

Christmas in July


A reminder to clubs who are holding Christmas in July events to contact your local community newspaper. 

If they do not appear interested, send them an article and photographs anyway.  You may receive free promotion for your club in your local area.  

It will demonstrate that bridge is not only challenging but fun!

Remember to forward any articles to me as this is a brand management issue for the Australian Bridge Federation.

ABF Bar-b-que Cards

These are business card sized and designed so that your Club can stamp their details about upcoming beginner classes (dates/ contact/ cost) on the back. Encourage your members to hand them out to interested family and friends.

Remember to use fast-drying ink in the stamp!

If you would like to order some for your club just contact me at marketing@abf.com.au or come visit me at the ANC on 21-22 July.