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2016 Membership Renewal

Have you reached out to your lapsed members? 

The majority of organisations begin their renewal effort two to three months prior to expiration.  About 1/3rd of organisations end their renewal efforts 2-3 months after expiration.

To follow-up lapsed members you could consider the following communication channels:

  1. email to member
  2. snail mail
  3. telephone call
  4. peer member contact;  or
  5. text.

Research reveals that email and phone calls are the most effective means to generate renewals.

If people choose not to renew their membership you should find out why.  There may be something you can do to 'fix' any problem, eg find them a partner, address poor behaviour issues etc.

Membership 'engagement'

Research indicates that a lack of engagement with an organisation is the top reason why people don't renew. 

From the start, new members of a bridge club should feel excited about the bridge community.

Effective engagement strategies your club could consider include:

  • welcome new members (email/ information kit/ phone call from committee member etc)
  • invite them to join your Club's online community (Pianola / Facebook)
  • make them aware of information available on the ABF website (eg teaching videos /how to fill out a system card / free on-line system card/ upcoming events etc) and encourage them to Like ABF / State / Club Facebook sites
  • make them aware of discounts/special offers from sponsors (National/ State/Club)
  • invite them to volunteer for a task at the club
  • in-person new member reception or orientation (hold a yearly luncheon for new members?)
  • provide them with regular club newsletters
  • provide them with a mentor (if they want one) to help ease them into session play
  • celebrate milestones (eg significant birthdays / bridge ranking promotion)
  • encourage them to get involved in major events with specific competitions for people at their level; and
  • provide regular upskilling opportunities.

In the first 12 months of membership it is critical to engage with your new members and provide them with the support they need to develop their skills and knowledge. 

Equally critical is the need to provide them with an enjoyable environment where they are treated with dignity and respect.

ABF National promotion - March

Reminder - a full page advertisement will appear in the March issue of the Health Times Magazine which is issued to nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. 

Publication date is 29 March.

If these professions have a 'presence' in your community let them know where/when the next round of beginner classes is due to commence.  Make sure that you conduct classes at a time to suit people who work.

Join the Club - a new brochure for potential members

Upon completion of beginner classes you may wish to provide people with a small package of information.  This could include:

  • a feedback form (so that your club can continually improve your beginner program and identify how people hear about the lessons)
  • a promotional flyer - Join the Club - see below (click on the link and look at item 19) *
  • a membership benefits flyer (ABF one can be accessed here and add to this information about any State or Club sponsors)
  • a club flyer outlining your 'help with play' or 'supervised play' session times;  and
  • a Membership Application form.

* You will need to print the two pages on A4 paper and then copy them double-sided and fold in half.  Your club details could be stamped on the front cover.  For a more professional finish you could get a professional printer to make copies for you.

Outer page

Inner page

Recent promotional activity

Sydney Bridge Club received coverage for its Christmas toy drive in the February issue of The Senior News(For a better view of the article, click here.)

Members of the club donated over 1000 toys to the Salvation Army.

Great effort (and a positive image for our sport).  Well done to all involved !

Mini documentary - SFOB

The boys from 365 Days of Sport visited the SFOB in January and created a short documentary for their website.  Check out the film by clicking here.

Free, positive promotion of our sport will help raise its profile with the Australian public and in turn help to attract people to our beginner classes.  Remember to develop a 'relationship' with your local community newspaper/radio station/TV station.

Tips and suggestions are available on the ABF website - access by clicking here (see promoting bridge).

ABF Teacher Education Program

2016 has started with a bang - courses have been conducted in Bateman's Bay, Kiama and Gunnedah (see photo).  Brisbane Water is hosting a TTP on 13 March and Geelong on 20 March.  Orange will host TTP and CPD workshops on 7 - 8 May.

New in 2016 - TTPs are now one day only and offer 15 points towards a teacher's accreditation. A second choice for CPD workshops (to add to Modern Competitive Bidding) will offer teachers content to assist in teaching Defence and Conventions.  10 accreditation points are available for attendees of CPD workshops.

Coming soon

  1. A standardised approach to teaching bridge.  9 modules with suggestions for teaching from beginner to advanced are available online.  More details later.
  2. More education programs will be held in Victoria in June, Western Australia in July and Queensland in July.  Details soon.

Don't forget to access the teachers' website for information / tips/ videos etc (click here) and to ask questions on the ABF Teachers' Forum (look for the link at the top of the ABF website homepage).

ABF National Marketing Officer

The ABF and the NSWBA have organised a marketing seminar for Sydney metropolitan clubs on Friday 3 June.  It will be held at the Lindfield Bowls Club.  All queries should be directed to the NSWBA at office@nswba.com.au . Registration is required.

Please contact Sandra Mulcahy at marketing@abf.com.au or on 0417 920 816 should you have any queries or suggestions in regard to marketing our sport.