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Advertise beginner lessons on Facebook

Within 7 years the owner of the Sagamore Bridge Club on Long Island developed it into the 15th largest club in America!

They claim to be a friendly club recognised Nationally for their ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.  Their games are friendly and their directors ensure it stays that way.

The owner of the club has kindly created a webinar to show how to advertise beginner lessons on a club's Facebook page, something which has worked for them.  If your club has a Facebook page and you would be interested in advertising your beginner lessons in this way then click here to view the webinar.

Click here to view the Sagamore Bridge Club website.  Under about us they provide a profile of each of their club directors which is a great idea.   In my opinion friendly, welcoming directors and teachers are absolutely critical for the success of any bridge club!

I have provided some photographs of people enjoying playing bridge (see below) in case your club would like to use them for a Facebook advertisement.

If you would like to keep up to date with the latest news (and increase our social media footprint) please Like us on the ABF Facebook site - click here to access.


ABF Facebook - a great way to stay connected!

Promote your events

To attract competitors to your event you need to get the word out!

It's important to maximise the number of touchpoints to ensure people are aware of your event.  When creating your plan, don't just rely on a website but rather a combination of tactics.  I would recommend at least three of the touchpoints listed below.

  1. Website - it goes without saying an event needs to be on your club and State websites
  2. Newsletter - include information about the event in your Club and State Newsletters
  3. Notice Board - place a flyer on your club notice board approximately 6 weeks prior to the event
  4. Social Media - use platforms your audience actually uses.  Options include Facebook.
  5. Email Marketing - a great tool to connect with potential players and to retarget previous competitors in the event
  6. Pianola - if your club has this tool - use it!
  7. Content Marketing - drive traffic to your website by placing videos or photographs of previous events held at your club and then include mention of the website in emails and newsletters etc.  (Make sure photographs depict people enjoying themselves!)
  8. Influencers - connect with key influencers within your Region (people who can spread the word/attract other competitors).  This can be a valuable tactic for reaching your target audience.
  9. Media - obtain free coverage in your local newspaper or on community radio.  Submit media releases about the event.

As part of your plan you may also care to make your event even more attractive by gaining sponsorship.  This would enable you to offer some fabulous prizes!

Encourage good behaviour so that people enjoy their experience at your club.  Posters are available (click here and look at items 10, 12, 13 and 14) for downloading - these stress the sort of behaviour which is acceptable when playing bridge and serve as a reminder to competitors.

More about our sponsor - Red Plum Automotive Brokering Service

Genny Neilson, Marketing Director, Red Plum Automotive Brokering Service

QDo you operate all over the country?

A.  Yes.  We are based in Brisbane but we operate nationally.  It doesn't matter where you live to use our service.

QDo you source the cars from a dealer near where the customer lives?

A.  Preferably, for convenience of delivery - but only if this is hand in hand with the best deal.  The only times we might recommend you buy from elsewhere is if the car you want is quite rare, if there simply isn't a dealer nearby or if none of the locals are offering what we consider a reasonable deal.

For further information, check out our website at www.redplumautomovice.com.au or give us a call on 07 3252 8865 or 0410 772 472.

We'd love to hear from you!

Support for clubs


Many thanks to the Queensland Bridge Association and Kevin Lafferty of the Rockhampton Bridge Club for organising the marketing workshop held on 5 March.


If you are interested in learning how to grow your club please contact me at marketing@abf.com.au .

Director Development

Two booklets are now available to assist clubs with Director training:

  1. What makes up a 'good' bridge director?
  2. So you want to be a bridge director?

Send enquiries to John McIlrath at nddo@abf.com.au and he will send you the completed booklets for your use, comment and feedback.

State Associations are reminded to send details of upcoming Director workshops /training seminars, for co-ordination purposes, to nddo@abf.com.au .

Teacher Education

Teacher Training Program Workshops

Peninsula : NSW : Sunday April 9

Melville : WA : Saturday June 24

Canberra : ACT : Saturday 19 August

Northern Suburbs : Qld : Saturday 26 August

Hunters Hill : NSW : Sunday April 23

Continuing Professional Development Workshops

Topic:  All About Defence

Hunters Hill : NSW : Sunday April 23

Northern Suburbs  : Qld : Sunday August 27

Topic:  Two over One Game Force

Geelong : Vic : Sunday May 21

Melville : WA : Sunday June 25

Orange : NSW : Sunday July 2

Redlands : Qld : Sunday July 30

To register access the education website here and click on the workshop you are interested in.

Reminder: National Promotion

This promotion will be in the March issue of Health Times Magazine which is distributed to nurses, mid-wives and allied health professionals around Australia (readership of approximately 84,000).  The magazine will be sent at the end of March.

If you have any hospitals or allied health centres in your 'patch' you may wish to alert them to the dates for your next beginner classes.

Lets hope the promotion generates lot of interest in your area!

Recent promotional activity

To check out the comments made by a couple of overseas players about their experience at the recent Gold Coast Congress  - click here.

Excellent feedback for this outstanding bridge event! 

Well done to everyone involved.