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Is bridge a sport?

An interesting article from England where the English Bridge Union is seeking to overturn Sport England's refusal to recognise bridge as a legitimate sport can be accessed here.

Currently, bridge is recognised as a sport in the Netherlands, Ireland and Poland and the International Olympic Committee acknowledged in 1999 that bridge and chess should be recognised as 'mind sports'.

The debate continues....

Walk-in policy trialed in a Brisbane club

Toowong Bridge Club recently commenced an 8 week trial of a new afternoon session (12.30 - 3.30 pm). This trial included the club's first ever walk-in policy for their members.  This is something many clubs offer.

Basically, the session's director volunteered to be a non-playing director so that club members could come along if they were without a partner on the day. The director would be available to play with someone should they be required.  Everyone is guaranteed a partner.  (Many of the club members did not understand what a walk-in offer was.)

Their first session attracted 6 tables - 7 players were walk-ins. The second session had 3 walk-ins and 6 tables.  Third session had 5 tables and 2 walk-ins (the Director read a book that afternoon), the fourth session attracted 7 1/2 tables with 3 walk-ins;  the fifth session had 5 tables with 4 walk-ins (more reading done by the Director) and the sixth 7 tables with 1 walk-in.  

The trial continues but the walk-in policy looks like a great success. Club members have been appreciative of being able to come along when their regular partner is unavailable or when they have had a commitment which would not enable them to play in their usual day session.  Some advised that they were looking for a regular partner.  

A few of the walk-ins during the trial period have now become fixed partnerships for the new session so the number of walk-ins has subsequently decreased.  

Whilst the new session time is still in its trial period, the club has already planned for all of its sessions to include a walk-in policy from June this year.  Club members have been asked to volunteer to be available for a session and this has met with a huge, enthusiastic response.  Should a volunteer not be required, they will be provided with a voucher for a free game at a session of their choosing.  

Early indicators are that this policy is also building a more friendly club where members are helping each other by making sure that all have an opportunity to enjoy their bridge.  (The club did not want to impose on its directors to have to be non-playing as they are volunteers who already generously contribute their time and expertise.)

Why not introduce something similar in your club?  It it an approach which has been successfully implemented in many clubs around Australia.

ABF Education program - bridge teachers

Joan Butts, the ABF National Teaching Coordinator, will be conducting Professional Development Days (the what to teach) in Taralgon (Victoria) on 10 June, Perth on 21 June, Brisbane Water (NSW) on 30 August,Townsville on 6 September and Adelaide on 13 September.

Details can be obtained from your State Association or from Joan Butts on 0413 772 650. 

Information about the ABF teachers' education program can be accessed here.

Christmas in July function

A growing trend in Australia is to hold Christmas in July functions.  You may wish to conduct one at your Club to create a bit a fun for your members.  

Conduct some raffles (donate profit to a charity of your choice), provide Christmas munchies, place Christmas decorations around the club and generally infuse some Christmas cheer.

If you do hold such a function, alert your local community newspaper as they may run a story - free promotion for your Club and for our sport!

Recent promotional activity

An article appeared in the Lakes Post in April in regard to the Lakes Entrance Bridge Club's (Victoria) 2015 Winter Pairs event.  View the article here.

A reminder:  all promotional articles must be reported to the ABF National Marketing Officer at sandra.mulcahy@abf.com.au .  This is an important ABF brand management issue.

Did you know?

Clubs can now access comprehensive insurance cover at discounted premiums for their club property.

Regardless of the renewal date, contact Tony Bemrose Insurance Brokers for an appraisal.  It's important to ensure that your benefits and premiums are as good as they can be  - they even provide you with a reminder immediately prior to the renewal date.

Contact TBIB at:

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