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Free ABF Marketing Workshops

Need some ideas for expanding your club?  Want some help  with developing your education program?

Free, highly interactive marketing seminars are being conducted at:

  1. 1.00 pm Friday 3 June - Lindfield Bowls Club, Sydney.  Registrations can be made with the NSWBA at office@nswba.com.au .
  2. 9.30 am Sunday 19 June - Surfers Paradise Bridge Club at 1 Carrara Street, Benowa.  Registrations can be made with the National Marketing Officer at marketing@abf.com.au

Led by the ABF National Marketing Officer, Sandra Mulcahy, we'll discuss ideas, projects, problems and opportunities for growing your club (club owners, committee members and teachers welcome). 

Free promotional material will be available. 

Seminars run for approximately 3 hours.

Understand your membership - masterpoints profile

Data mining with the help of the ABF Masterpoints Centre reveals that, as at 30 April 2016, our National membership profile was:


Masterpoints Range              % of Membership

     0 - 5                                          26%  (Super Novice)

     0 - 20                                        44%  (Rising Star)

     0 - 100                                      71%  (Novice)

     100 - 350                                  18%  (Restricted)

     350 - 750                                    6%  (Intermediate)

     750+                                           5%  (Open)

Do you know the 'masterpoints profile' of your club membership?  Does it mirror the National situation? Does your education program fit with your club's membership profile?

Wouldn't it be great to see novice players making up 71% of competitors at our tournaments? 

These figures reinforce the need for all of us to ensure that we understand the needs and wants of our newer members and that we all strive to provide them with the events, skills/ knowledge development opportunities and environment they seek.

Support our sponsors - keep members happy!

Have you informed your club members about their National sponsors?

Over 10% of members have taken out travel insurance through Tony Bemrose Insurance Brokers, enabling people with pre-existing medical conditions and people up to 90 years of age to get cover.

Red Plum Automotive Brokering Service provides a FREE service for people looking to purchase a new or pre-loved vehicle.  Your members could save a lot of money and have a hassle-free process in obtaining their vehicle.

TFE Hotels - offering ABF affiliated club members a 10% discount at their hotels in Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe.  Hotels in this chain include Travelodge, Adina and Medina Apartments and Vibe Hotels.  Again, savings for your members.

Remember - happy members become great bridge ambassadors for your club and our sport!

Sponsorship offers (National/State/Club) should be continually promoted to your members.  This can be done via your club website, your club newsletter, by placing a poster (click here to access - item 18) on the notice board and through pre-session announcements.

If you would like to obtain logos for sponsors please email me at marketing@abf.com.au .

Full details about our National sponsors are on the ABF website.  Click here to view.

Social media statistics - April 2016


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Click here to access.


Here is an overview of how Australians used social media during the month of April:

Facebook:  15,000,000 total users (62.5% of population)

Twitter:  2,800,000 users (up 50,000 on previous month)

Pinterest:  300,000 users

Tumblr:  4,400,000 (down 50,000 on previous month)

Stumble Upon:  40,000 users

Myspace:  80,000 users

Instagram:  5,000,000 users