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2017 Summer Festival of Bridge

Any of your members who seek a partner for this premier bridge event should contact the Partnership Secretary, Perelle Scales, for assistance.  Email: cperelle51@gmail.com .

Remind your members that the early-bird accommodation discount of 20% at the QT Hotel will run out on 30 October.

Bookings may be made via www.qthotelsandresorts.com and under MORE BOOKING OPTIONS in the CORPORATE ID field enter the corporate ID : BRIDGE17 or telephone QT Hotel, Canberra on 02 6247 6244.

Check out the program by clicking here

Club sponsorship

If you are looking to increase the income of your club it may be timely to consider how best to develop a high value (partner) program.

Issues to consider include:

  • determine the cost of servicing sponsors (relationship management/ resources / time etc)
  • create a compelling sponsorship proposal - with the right look, content and pricing to get results
  • identify new sponsorship targets
  • understand what corporates want
  • answer the question "Why should we sponsor you?"
  • undertake 'due diligence' - is it a reputable company?
  • close the deal (including time frames)
  • develop a long term business relationship and retain a rapport with corporate supporters. 


  1. Your goal should be to have a win-win outcome for your sponsor and your club. 
  2. Don't have two sponsors providing the same product/service!

When considering what your club can offer a sponsor consider a suite of options, including:

  • an article in your club Newsletter (price would depend on the size of the advertisement and the size of your membership)
  • logo with hyperlink on the club website homepage
  • poster on your Notice Board (for an agreed period of time)
  • announcement before play begins at sessions
  • advertisement in your membership and/or program booklet
  • pull-up banner in your club premises;  or
  • hold an event named after your sponsor and have them attend to present prizes.

Marketing workshop - Melbourne

Thanks to Kim Frazer and the Victorian Bridge Association for organising the workshop held on 24 September. 

People from Caulfield Park, Bendigo, Dendy, Yarra Valley, Shepparton, Ballarat, Rye, Gardenvale, Wangratta, Beaumaris and Moonee Valley Bridge Clubs attended.

Lots of ideas for how best to 'grow a club' were discussed during the workshop and free promotional materials were made available.

If you would be interested in either attending or hosting a marketing workshop, contact Sandra Mulcahy at marketing@abf.com.au .

Gold Point Events - Attendance figures

Trend data for the number of tables at some of our major events over the last four years reveals the following (2013 : 2014 : 2015 : 2016) :

Summer Festival of Bridge :  427 : 514 : 517 : 510

Gold Coast Congress :  1098 : 1146 : 1194 : 1270

Tasmanian Festival of Bridge :  104 : 107 : 129 : 121

ANOT:  121 : 133 : 164 : 137

Victor Champion Cup :  151 : 177 : 166 : 193

Barrier Reef Congress :  95 : 91 : 128 : 87

Coffs Coast Gold Festival :  214 : 210 : 230 : 214

Territory Gold :  102 : 94 : 93 : 94

Please encourage your members to get involved in these major events.  Not only is it a great way to build skills and knowledge but attendees meet new friends and generally have a lot of fun!

Newer players in particular should be encouraged to get the most out of their new sport.

ABF Education Program

Teacher Training

The following workshops will be conducted by the ABF National Teaching Coordinator, Joan Butts.  Bookings can be made at teaching@abf.com.au .

Teacher Training Program

QCBC, Brisbane - Saturday 19 November

Continuing Professional Development

Topic:  Modern Competitive Bidding

QCBC, Brisbane - Sunday 20 November

Summer School

A new initiative for teachers and novice players is being launched - the ABF Summer School.  It is a 10 week online training program designed to help boost the confidence of novice players intending to compete in major events in 2017.

Kicking off in November, the Summer School will help novices develop a good foundation of bridge skills.  At the same time, the Teacher Program will give teachers tips for conducting lessons or help with play sessions in the lead-up to the Festival.

Each lesson will be delivered via email and will contain notes, a video, practice hands to play, an invitation to a Facebook Q&A session and teaching tips.

Please encourage your students to sign up for Summer School.  The course is free and can be completed by anyone.  It will also give teachers lots of resources that can be used for lessons later on too.

To register for either participants or teachers, click here.

Recent promotional activity

The Ballarat Courier published an article on 13 October about locals from the Ballarat Bridge Club. 

Trudy Broeders and Rhondda Lyons were proud runners-up in the Federation Rose Novice Swiss Pairs event at the Canberra in Bloom bridge competition.

The pair, who have played together for six years, said prizes were never the main focus - they wanted to participate and build experience on a bigger stage.

The pair travelled to Canberra with six other Ballarat Bridge Club members for the three-day event.

In its inaugural year (2015) the Canberra in Bloom competition achieved 103 tables.  This year the event achieved 127 tables.  This is a great effort.

Remember, all media activity needs to be reported as it is a critical brand management issue for the Australian Bridge Federation.

Send information to marketing@abf.com.au .