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Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Club Bridge Club

On 5 August the club organised a 'Come and Try Bridge' morning in the Griffith Central shopping mall.  They had strong support from mall management and they conducted a promotional radio interview several days before the event.

Four tables were in action, complete with electronic scoring and associated computer equipment.  Shoppers were fascinated to observe the dealing machine dealing some boards.

Members of the club thoroughly enjoyed guiding prospective players through the basics of playing a hand of bridge.  The emphasis was on bridge being FUN!

Club members who participated in the exercise agreed that the opportunity to showcase their club was very positive and moderately successful in attracting some potential new members.

The Rockingham Bridge Club in Western Australia is planning a similar demonstration.  Their event will be held in early October, during the WA Seniors' Week.

Remember;  if you are planning a similar event you can access free promotional material from the ABF website.  Click here to view what is available.

Wonders of a dealing machine

Did you just call him dummy?

Four fun tables in play.

How many points for an Ace?

Club support - Directors

The ABF National Director Development Officer (NDDO) will be conducting the following workshops for Directors :

Tasmanian Bridge Association :  7/8 October

Contact Hugh Grosvenor on hugh_grosvenor@gmail.com

Canberra Bridge Club : 18/19 November

Contact Ian Dalziell on dalziell@netspeed.com.au

Materials available to assist club Directors can be accessed at:

  1. PowerPoint presentations from the August ABDA Seminar are available by clicking here
  2. the ABF Director Development webpage can be accessed by clicking here.

Please contact John McIlrath, the NDDO, and let him know what he can do to assist your club directors and what additional information they would like to have provided on their website.  He can be contacted at nddo@abf.com.au .

Club Support - Teachers


The following teacher workshops are scheduled for the balance of 2017.

Remember that attendance attracts points towards a teacher's accreditation.




Teacher Training Program (15 points)

  • QCBC : Saturday 18 November

Continuing Professional Development (10 points)

Topic:  2 over 1 Game Force

  • VBA : Saturday 23 September
  • Surfers Paradise Bridge Club : Wednesday 4 October
  • QCBC : Sunday 19 November

Topic:  Teaching Declarer Play

  • VBA : Sunday 24 September

To register click here.

Beginners - transitioning to session play

Transitioning players from supervised/help with play sessions to an 'open' session is when most clubs lose members.  People either stay in supervised play for an unnecessarily long time or they attend one session, get spoken to rudely or dismissively, and then don't return.

To ease their transition you could consider:

  • offering them a mentor for 3 sessions to ease them into session bridge (mentor plays free).  The mentor will make sure the new player is comfortable with the use of scoring equipment and movements and will intervene if the person is treat inappropriately. Make sure that each mentor has the necessary interpersonal skills to effectively undertake the role.
  • have the session Director announce their participation and welcome them.  Ask players to be mindful of their status and to be patient.  (My understanding is that new players like this but do not like to be identified to the broader group.)
  • for larger clubs, consider introducing a novice row (say, for people with 0-5 masterpoints).  Many clubs do something similar and it seems to work.

Before they transition consider:

  • having a Director talk to their beginner group and explain their role
  • ensure that you assist them to fill out a system card
  • explain to them how your club's scoring system works
  • conduct a 'mock' session so that they are familiar with either a Howell or Mitchell movement
  • remind them that they can't refer to notes or ask questions in an 'open' session;  and
  • advise them that if they don't understand a person's bid, they can ask their partner (when it is their turn to bid).

Essentially, take the fear of the unkown away as much as possible and make sure that your members treat them with respect and dignity.

2018 Summer Festival of Bridge

Australia's premier bridge event, the Summer Festival of Bridge, is scheduled for 10-21 January at a new venue, the Canberra Rex Hotel.

Information about the venue (including how to book), bus pick-ups, events etc can be accessed on the event website - click here to access.

Encourage your members to attend this prestigeous event.

Tips from our sponsor - Red Plum Automotive Brokering Service

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  6. coolant - the majic that keeps your radiator from overheating, top up if needed
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ABF Marketing

As I finish up in the ABF National Marketing Officer's position at the end of September, I would like to wish you all every success in growing your club and in enjoying this wonderful sport!

Au revoir...