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Only one or two teachers have so far used the forum, which is on the ABF site now. Top teachers, eg  Will Jenner-O'Shea and Peter Smith, are ready and waiting to answer your queries on anything to do with bridge, either  playing or teaching. In theory it should be a great vehicle for your club to check out the latest views.  So, please start a topic, or join in with your point of view.   

To join - go to the ABF website, click "Forum" (on the top bar, in red). Go to "log In" Select a Username (don't have spaces in this, eg "marysmith" rather than "mary smith").  Type in your email address, and your ID (this is your ABF number).

Once you're registered, type in your Username and Password (ABF numbers are not needed at login, only when first registering) Click "Forum" and it will take you to a page, where you will see some example topics. Click on one to view. Once inside the topic, you can comment generally or reply to someone. Give it a go please!!!          

Teacher Training in Perth WA

20 teachers came together from Perth and other WA clubs for the first Continuing Professional Development Day held in the West. Bunbury, Busselton, Mandurah were represented, as well as some Perth clubs. Here we are at the end of the day. Noel Daniel organised it at the City of Melville Bridge Club.

There was much discussion on the methods covered, and of special interest was how Acol (popular in the West) and Standard can both incorporate modern bidding ideas.

Teacher Training in Victoria

Around the same number of educationalists came along to the VBA in July for another CPD Day. I had given two workshops on the Two Over One Game Force system the day before, and some had attended those, so there was interest in teaching and playing this system too. 

It's not hard at all to teach or to learn -  quite the opposite, in fact. It's easier to know that certain sequences are not only forcing for one round, but forcing all the way to game, and/or slam. 

Teachers Meeting and Lunch at Coffs Harbour August 14

NSWBA kindly funded a lunch for 36 teachers during the wonderful Coffs Harbour Bridge Congress. Thanks, NSWBA!!! 

That morning I had talked to a group about balancing, and then Will Jenner-O'Shea had covered some interesting aspects of defensive play. We discussed these at lunch later, where teachers were joined by expert players - Paul Wyer, Michael Courtney, GeO Tislevoll, Warren Lazer, Pauline Gumby. 

At the SFOB in January, there will be a similar meeting of teachers, this time funded by the ABF, and a ceremony to recognise newly accredited teachers. Details soon.  

I have new material for teaching Balancing, so please contact me (teaching @abf.com.au) or Cath Whiddon (cwhiddon@live.com) if you'd like the material emailed to you.

Thanks to Cath Whiddon, NSWBA Education Committee for  organising this great event. We're hoping to run these at major events throughout 2016. Let us know if you'd like more of these. Remember though, there's no such thing as a free lunch!!  

Congrats to Newly Accredited Teachers and their Bridge Clubs: Anne Reilly & Toronto Bridge Club

Anne learned bridge in 2000. She played her first club game in 2003 and began teaching in 2007 as a junior player with not quite 25 masterpoints.  With great support from the Toronto BC Anne has progressed to using the ABF philosophy which she believes provides beginners with a sound foundation of basic bidding skills.  Anne enjoys this opportunity to give something back to this great game.

Wendy Rissler & Maitland Bridge Club

A friend suggested Wendy would really enjoy bridge, so she contacted Maitland Bridge Club joining lessons about six years ago.

Maitland turned out to be a friendly and supportive club.  On completing the lessons she entered a supervised play session and was put with a complete stranger, Miriam Officer, who is now her closest friend.
The challenge of learning to play bridge well and the friendships she has developed over the last five years, keep her coming back week after week.  You never get over the excitement of making that contract, Wendy says.
She feels it's a pleasure to be able to teach new members and be able to give something back to such a dynamic club.

Paula Lennon & Goondiwindi Bridge Club

Paula began playing bridge 34 years ago and continued despite having a busy science career and raising a family.
She has a passion for teaching particularly in isolated communities where the social aspect of the game is of paramount importance.
In 2008 Paula was given a business award by the Bingara Chamber of Commerce for her role in attracting people to the town through bridge.
Now living in Goondiwindi Paula has found the videos and website extremely valuable in reinforcing lessons.

Congratulations to Anne, Wendy and Paula on achieving this goal.  

Final ABF Education Programmes for 2015

Teacher Training Programmes will be held on 

October 10,11 Brisbane Qld QCBC (Sat & Sun) 

October 31, November 1 Brisbane Water BC NSW (Sat & Sun)

Continuing Professional Development Days will be held on

September 6, Townsville Qld (Sun)

September 13, Adelaide SA (Sun)

November 21, Brisbane Qld QCBC (Sat)

Please let me know if your region would like to host an ABF Education Programme in 2016. 

I am also offering workshops at some of these venues, so all players (not only teachers) are welcome to attend these. NB All ABF education programmes are free for participants, and funded by the ABF and the state body, but workshops the day before, are not free.

Upcoming Workshops

Townsville BC: Balancing: Thurs 3 Sept

Townsville BC: Simplify the End Play: Fri 4 Sept 

Townsville BC: Defensive Communications Sat 5 Sept 

Gloria McDonald: gloriamacdonald2005@hotmail.com

South Australia Barossa BC: Defence, Declarer Play Sat 12 Sept

Jill Allanson: ejallanson@bigpond.com

Brisbane Toowong BC: 2/1 Workshops Wed 26 August 2 Sept 

Sandra Mulcahy sandraamulcahy@bigpond.com

Goondiwindi BC: 4 Workshops Sat 26, Sun 27 Sept 

Toowoomba DDBC:2 Workshops Thursday 15 October 

NSW  Sydney
Peninsula BC 2 Workshops Monday 19 October

Cath Whiddon cwhiddon@live.com

Changes to ABF Accreditation Scheme

Revised Policy 

At the last ABF Management Committee meeting, a revised Teachers' Accreditation Programme was endorsed. To view the revised document, click here

The whole idea of the ABF Education (and Accredition) scheme is to recognise and support new teachers who are trying to break into teaching and are following tried and true guidelines which are guaranteed to achieve growth in clubs. 

The goal for accreditation is now 65 points over two years, and completion of the TTP will now offer 15 points to get started. There will also be RPL points (Recognition of Prior Learning) awarded in some cases for experienced teachers who are interested in coming on board. 

Both the club and the teacher will recieve acknowledgement of Accreditaion status. This will be recognised on the ABF website, and should help teachers in trying for teaching on cruise ships, and moving to new areas and wanting to start teaching at either bridge clubs or golf clubs. It is a recogntion of achievement in modern teaching practices approved by the ABF.  

Marketing Seminars with Sandra Mulcahy

Sandra and I have worked closely together in the roles of ABF Marketing person (Sandra) and Teaching (me) for four years now. I've had incredible support from Sandra for any initiative I've wanted to implement. Sandra is absolutely full of great ideas for helping the regular bridge club and player, and has been instrumental in making our ABF Education Scheme the success it is. 

She is now going "on the road" and will be visiting clubs to assist them to achieve greater growth via Marketing seminars. Her first will be to Western Australia in September. For details, contact Noel Daniel on 0418910255 or noel25@iinet.net.au

Sandra and I will be doing some teaching/marketing events in 2016, and if your region would like more, please contact me (teaching@abf.com.au)

All the best