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The Year so Far

More teachers are becoming part of the ABF Education Programme! How exciting! 2016 has been busy, especially in NSW, and Victoria.  Between 20 and 30 teachers usually get together for these training days, and the trend has continued in Bateman's Bay, Gunnedah, Kiama, Brisbane Water, and Geelong during February and March. At each of these events, people came from surrounding regional clubs, and the resultant mix was really beneficial for all. Below are some pics.

Next one coming up in May is Orange. There will be two ABF Education Days, supported by NSWBA.  TTP on Saturday May 7, and CPD Day on Sunday May 8.  Local organiser is Dorothy Woodside dwoodsid@bigpond.net.au.

Kiama Feb 2016

Bateman's Bay Feb 2016 

Gunnedah March 2016

What's New for 2016

An Online TTP video is now available on the ABF site, for teachers unable to attend in person. Watch the video, complete the questionnaire and get started with 5 points towards Accreditation. 

TTP's in person are now one day only not a whole weekend. (15 points towards accreditation). If you're able to stay for a second day, it will be a CPD  Day (another 10 points). 

A USB stick with all the ABF Teacher Education videos is now available for clubs who need one. Email me to order (teaching@abf.com.au)

Hard Workers in Geelong

Standing next to one of the interesting displays at the club, Geoff & Dot Read still have a smile on their faces - what a great effort they made for the ABF and teaching! 

It’s fun walking into bridge clubs where the buzz is palpable, and that's how it was at Geelong in March this year.
Everything was organized to perfection, and the members were rearing to go.  Although mainly local Geelong players, there were visitors from from Deniliquin, (a new club), Ocean Grove, Mooney Valley, and  Waverley. Thanks for the enthusiasm!

CPD Day in Victoria

The new CPD Day (content for teachers), is all about Defence, and has been proving popular. Teachers and students alike find defence a hard thing to get their heads around, so help is here!

There are some sure fire ways to explain aspects of defence clearly, and this is essential for teachers to succeed in classes on subjects like Opening Leads and Signals. I'm also providing material for teaching Defence. I'm doing this one in Orange in May.

The first CPD Day covers Modern Bidding Methods. Do them both, for 20 points.

Lessons and Hands for Free

All your students now have free access to playing  lesson hands covering a variety of topics, via the Learn Online modules on my web site. The videos are there too, for reinforcement. 

Interested in Running an ABF Education Program at your club?

Thanks to the people who take it upon themselves to organise ABF Education days. The work they do is amazing! Here are Sandra Curran with Diane Hasler just about to rest on their laurels and enjoy a barbie, after showing me around Gunnedah. 

Plans are being made now for the second half of 2016, so if your club is interested in hosting a day, please email me (teaching @abf.com.au)

Joan Butts