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ABF Mailing List

Email Address List of ABF Members

If you have not received any mail lately from the webmaster, it may be that your email address has changed or has been removed from the list. Please fill out the form below for it to be checked.

An e-mail address list has been established to allow the Australian Bridge Federation an immediate means of contact with Australian bridge players.

Individuals will only be added to the list by personal request. Individuals will retain total control of their subscription to the list and will be immediately removed on request.

Those on the list will receive copies of all Press Releases issued by the ABF. They will also be provided with notification of meaningful updates on the ABF web site. Occasionally the Player Liaison Committee may consult those on the list for their opinions on matters under discussion.

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Join the ABF Mailing List

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Please send an email to the address shown below if you have any questions regarding the ABF Email Address List.


The ABF undertakes not to utilise the list for commercial purposes and not to make these addresses available to anyone other than the list administrator.