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Dennis Yovich


Dennis fell in love with bridge in 1965, when he learned the game while studying electronic engineering at UWA. That love stayed with him for the rest of his life.

Dennis was a club player first, helping found Greenwood Bridge Club (now Undercroft), and was always a passionate supporter of club bridge. He started playing State bridge when he became President of the Bridge Association of Western Australia in 1988, and continued to play at club, state and national level. He represented WA as a player and NPC several times, and achieved the rank of Australian Grand Master. In 1989 he helped Joe Greenfeld run the Bermuda Bowl when it was held in Perth (the first and only time the Bowl has been held in Australia). He was BAWA President until 1995, convening the Far East Championships in Perth in that year before stepping down. However, he continued to contribute to the administration of the game, including as secretary of the Australian Bridge Federation Management Committee between 1997 and 2006.

At the 1990 World Championships in Geneva Dennis first encountered Per Jannersten and his bridge dealing machine, and it immediately interested him. He was soon to become instrumental in introducing electronics and computers into bridge in Australia. In 1994 Dennis and Martin Wilcox formed a business to market a range of innovative electronic and other accessories for duplicate bridge players, bridge clubs and National Bridge Organisations across Australia starting in Perth. Hands could now be pre-dealt by machine and hand records generated for players. Dennis continued to provide this service until his death on 26th September 2020. His innovations helped make the game more enjoyable for players, and more manageable for tournament directors and administrators.

Dennis is survived by his wife Hilary, whom he met learning bridge at university. For 55 years they had a devoted partnership, both in the game and its administration and in their lives together.

Dennis also leaves behind his devoted children Paul, Matthew and Sarah, and three adoring grandchildren.