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Max Henbest

Max henbest

  1. How did you get started in bridge and at what age?

I started playing at Andrew Mill’s youth bridge club at the age of 16 (2008). Both my parents are also bridge players.

  1. How & when did you start developing your bridge to the elite level? How often do you play?

Not sure, I was doing well and badly at different events from a year and a half in. I came second in the GNOT in 2010 but also was doing badly in other events at the same time – maybe I had chosen my GNOT team mates well.  

  1. What do you do professionally?

As part of a team I develop specialised calculators for Optimum Annuities. 

  1. What interests or hobbies do you have besides bridge? Pets? Kids? etc….

I have recently started cycling again, taken up bouldering and cryptic crosswords.  No kids … my only responsibilities are for two plants, one of which I almost killed. 

  1. In your playing career, what is the bridge success that has the most meaning for you?

 – Two silver medals (main event and BAM) in the 2013 World youth championship

 – Making the Australians open team (2018)

  1. What is the thing that you like the most about bridge?

The puzzle solving nature of the game, that not all information is known and that all puzzle need to be solved as a partnership. 

  1. Any other information?



Major International Appearances/Representation

  • I have been on the under 20’s or under 25’s team consistently 2010 – 2016.
  • In 2018, I was successful in making the Australian open team. 

Major International Results

  • 1st PABF (youth) (2013)
  • 2nd World Youth Championship (2013) main event
  • 2nd World Youth Championship (2013) BAM
  • 4th World Youth Championship Teams (2015)
  • 4th World Youth Championship Pairs (2015)