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The Australian Bridge Federation Limited (ABF) is a confederation of the bodies who are responsible for the administration of bridge in the various States and Territories of Australia.  More information about the structure of the ABF is available on our website.

The ABF does not have individual persons as members.  However, all players who become members of a club affiliated with a State or Territory association also become ABF playing members.  As such they are entitled to play in ABF events or ABF licensed events.  They also become members of the Masterpoint Scheme administered by the ABF.


What information do we collect?

When a player becomes a member of an affiliated club, that club registers the player with the ABF as a member of the Masterpoint Scheme.  In so doing it provides details regarding the player which may include the full name, sex, address, telephone number, date of birth and email address.


How do we use this information?

This information is required to assess the person’s eligibility for various events (for example Womens, Seniors or Youth) and to enable us to be able to contact a playing member if required.

A database is maintained to record how many masterpoints that person has scored in eligible events both in the current year and in the player’s lifetime of playing bridge.  It is updated once a month.

Part of that database is available for public access on our website as a service to players who wish to look up their records.  It is possible however only to look up a player’s name, number of masterpoints and ranking, and home club.  Public access is not available to addresses, phone numbers or email addresses.

That part of the database is also used by some suppliers who provide member benefits to ABF playing members (for example travel insurance) to check whether a person is in fact eligible for such benefits.  Such suppliers are not able to access any more information than is available on the website.

We do not sell or provide to third parties any information regarding ABF playing members.  However, the information on the database is available to the Masterpoint Secretary for each State but only information relating to members registered in that State.

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