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BBO Guidelines for Commentators


Thank you for volunteering your time and bridge expertise to be a vugraph commentator.

Over the years BBO vugraph has greatly increased the awareness and interest level in top-level bridge. The efforts of commentators such as yourself has helped to enhance the enjoyment and level of understanding that average players have toward our game. These are obviously good things for bridge.

In order to ensure that your contributions to future broadcasts help further these goals, please adhere to these 4 simple guidelines:

  1. It is important that we do everything we can to paint high-level bridge in a positive light. Please do not use the platform we provide for publicly attacking players or tournament sponsors that you do not like. Do not try make the players look stupid even when, like all of us sometimes do, they make stupid mistakes.
  2. Always keep in mind that you are a much, much stronger bridge player than the vast majority of audience members could ever hope to be. The primary purpose of your comments should be to educate, enlighten and entertain the masses, not to impress your peers.
  3. Try to help make our vugraph broadcasts fun for the audience. Adding a little humour to your comments or offering interesting stories about the players when the play is going slowly will be appreciated by the spectators.
  4. Our audiences consist of people representing every imaginable variety. It is not difficult to unintentionally offend people. Please be extremely careful about not making comments that might be perceived as being racist, sexist, vulgar, or in any other way offensive.