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Checklist of ABF Procedures for Engaging Operators for BBO and Payment

As far as is practical, BBO organisers arranging BBO for ABF run or ABF licensed events should implement the following checklist in relation to engaging BBO operators.  A BBO organiser may be:

  • one of the two National BBO Coordinators (NBCs) personally or a person appointed by them;
  • the event Tournament Organiser or someone appointed by the TO (with input/direction/endorsement from the NBCs);



  1. Ascertain the BBO requirement – number of sessions to be broadcast, dates and times from the NBCs. There is usually a previously budgeted requirement.  Any plans to vary the budgeted requirement substantially must be discussed beforehand with the NBCs.
  2. Calculate the number of BBO operators required to meet the BBO requirement.
  3. Identify possible BBO operators with previous experience – this includes locals and players coming from interstate to play who may be asked to stay on and work as a BBO operator for finals. Draw up a preliminary list.  Consult with possible operators and make selections.
  4. When offering BBO work: please ensure
    1. Operators must either quote an ABN on a tax invoice (not often the case) or give you/have already lodged a Statement by a Supplier form that says they are not quoting an ABN because they are doing BBO as a hobby (called a “Hobby form”). Jane at HQ maintains a list of hobby forms already lodged.  Statements can be downloaded from:  https://www.ato.gov.au/Forms/Statement-by-a-supplier-not-quoting-an-ABN/
    2. Operators receive a copy of the attached ABF BBO Operators Terms and Conditions of Engagement document and acknowledge receipt of same in writing (usually by return email). This document spells out clearly payment terms and any reimbursable costs for those specifically engaged that incur certain costs (travel).
    3. Operators know where possible which particular sessions they are being engaged for. Be as specific as possible preferring suppliers that can commit to specific timeslots.  Leave as few slots as possible to be filled by casuals/walk ins.
    4. Ensure BBO operators have given you their bank account details so they can be paid promptly. This particularly applies to new operators. 
  5. After the event is over:
    1. Send an email to Jane at HQ with the following table in it:
      Event name:  Autumn National Open Teams – BBO
      Name No of boards Board rate Amount Bank details/email
      1. F Bloggs 64 $2.50 160 xxx-yyy   zzzzzzzzz
    2. Attach any hobby forms, invoices if given or receipts for expenses claimed.