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Covid-19 Policy for ABF Licensed Events

Covid-19 Policy for ABF Licensed events from 1st June 2022

The ABF notes that all state and territory governments no longer require proof of double vaccination and wearing of masks when entering venues and business. As a consequence, these will no longer be mandated for ABF Licensed events. Tournament Organisers will make their own decisions regarding whether or not to relax the earlier policies and players are advised to check the website for each event prior to entry.

Players and officials are asked not to attend any event if they are not well, or if they are supposed to be isolating or quarantining. If you come to play but are not well, you will be asked to leave the venue. If you start feeling unwell with Covid-19 symptoms during any event, please ask the Director to find a substitute until you are feeling well and have a negative RAT test.

Tournament Organiser’s discretionary powers

Tournament Organisers reserve the right to make decisions as to the running and conduct of an ABF Licensed event and to vary these regulations to ensure the health and welfare of the competitors and officials is compromised.


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