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Recorder Guidelines

The Role of Recorder:

The ABF acknowledges that the individuals who have agreed to accept the role of Recorder perform an important function that facilitates the smooth running of bridge events. For the better guidance of individuals acting in such a role the following guidelines have been compiled by drawing upon the practice of Recorders as seen in comments made by Neville Moses and Keith McNeil and the rules of Natural Justice.

  1. The first function of the Recorder for any event is to receive communications (oral or written) from individual players as to concerns which arise from events at the table at the particular event for which the Recorder is serving.
  2. To facilitate such communications the Recorder will be available for consultation at the close of play for at least twenty minutes and for ten minutes before the commencement of play for the next session.
  3. The Recorder will consider such communications and in his or her discretion respond by taking one of the following actions:
    1. Advise and inform the player/s that there is no need for further action, explaining the laws and practices of Bridge as
    2. Consult the director of the relevant session and then advise the players accordingly.
    3. Refer the player/s to an Appeals Advisor.
    4. Undertake to alert the Organiser of the event to the concern of the player/s.
    5. Where the concern is that an action by another player was or might have been unethical or inappropriate and there appears some chance that the concern is justified, inform the other player of the concern and obtain an account of the incident from their perspective.
    6. Decide that the incident does not merit an inquiry as to whether disciplinary action is appropriate as and by itself but that repeated instances of such conduct might merit such action, inform the subject of the comment accordingly and take a note of the details of the accounts received.
    7. Decide that the incident does merit an inquiry as to whether disciplinary action is appropriate, prepare a document for consideration by the ABF Ethics Committee, give a copy of the document to the Organiser of the event and forward the document to the ABF Secretariat. Note that a copy of the report will be made available to the subject of complaint if the ABF Ethics Committee is considering acting to discipline the player.
  4. Within a week after the event concludes, the Recorder will prepare a report on the conduct of the event and any incidents dealt with under f above and forward a copy of that report to the ABF Secretariat marked for the attention of the National Recorder, John Brownie.

The ABF commits to using the full strength of its disciplinary powers to support any Recorder who meets discourtesy from any players that are approached by the Recorder in the course of exercising his or her functions.

March 2019

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