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Remuneration for Tournament Officials

Remuneration for Tournament Officials at ABF and other National Events – 2021

  1. Introduction
    1. The policy represents the baseline remuneration for tournament officials at events conducted by the ABF as the Sponsoring Organisation or conducted under the auspices of the ABF. This remuneration is also recommended as a guide for events licensed by the ABF.
    2. Some events require only some of the functions.
    3. Since the remuneration covers services specific to ABF events it is not applicable in toto by other sponsoring organisations for any other events such as State events, congresses or club events. However, if due weight is given to their different characteristics, the policy may provide some guidance to the Tournament Organisers of such events.
  2. Scope  (Unless the function is the subject of a specific contract:)
    1. The policy covers the functions of Tournament Organiser, Chief Tournament Director, Trainee Tournament Director, Floor Manager, Scorer, Caddy.
    2. The events covered by this policy are: Open Playoffs, Womens and Seniors Playoffs, Mixed Team Playoffs, ANC Butler, and any other events conducted by the ABF or for which the ABF is the Sponsoring Organisation.
    3. The policy is recommended for licensed events, currently comprising: Autumn Nationals (SABF); WASP, SROSP, HRMWT, GWSP (BAWA); Sydney Spring Festival (NSWBA); TFOB (TBA); VCC (VBA); NT Gold Festival (NTBA); Gold Coast Congress (QBA); Barrier Reef Congress (QBA); Coffs Super Congress (NSWBA) and Canberra in Bloom Festival (BFACT). It is also recommended for the ANC Teams.
    4. The events not covered by this policy are: Summer Festival of Bridge, ANC Congress events and the GNOT.
  3. Characteristics of Remuneration
    1. The date of effect is 1st  January 2021
    2. Remuneration does not include GST or superannuation costs
    3. Travel and accommodation are additional reimbursements as negotiated with the Tournament Organiser.
    4. Unless otherwise stated remuneration for part of a day is calculated pro rata.
    5. An event requires one Tournament Director for about 30 tables
    6. No person shall receive remuneration for more than one concurrent function.
  4. Suggested Remuneration
    1. Tournament Organiser. $380 per event plus $190 per full or part day plus a room at the venue or $120 per night in lieu of room.
    2. Chief Tournament Director. $450 per day. An additional $60 per day is available for supervision of one other director. When there are 3 or more tournament directors, the CTD is entitled to $525 per day.
    3. Tournament Director. $380 per day
    4. Trainee Director. 50% of the remuneration of a Tournament Director
    5. Scorer $450 per day, plus an additional $60 per day for a Chief Scorer where one is required.
    6. Floor Manager. $300 per day
    7. Caddy. $1.70 per board played by a contestant up to a maximum of $105 a day

Approved by ABF Management Committee, August 2020