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Emerald Grand Masters

Emerald Grand Masters

Emerald Masters

Emerald Masters at the 2016 Gold Coast Congress: Pauline Gumby, Ron Klinger, Warren Lazer, Margaret Bourke and Paul Lavings

Bobby Richman was the first Emerald Grand Master having achieved more than 10,000 masterpoints. Read more about Bobby’s achievements.

Pauline Gumby and Paul Lavings have also achieved Emerald Grand Master status. Read about them in the July 2012 edition of the ABF Newsletter.

Margaret Bourke became Australia’s fourth Emerald Grand Master in January, 2014. Read more about Margaret.

Ron Klinger became Australia’s fifth Emerald Grand Master in May, 2015 and Warren Lazer achieved Emerald Grand Master status in August, 2015.

In 2016, Peter Gill (NSW) became the 7th player to achieve the rank of Emerald Grand Master.

In 2019, Terry Brown, Arjuna De Livera and Simon Hinge also achieved the rank of Emerald Grand Master.

In 2021, Bruce Neill became the 11th Emerald Grand Master.
In 2023, David Beauchamp became the 12th Emerald Grand Master.
In 2024, Tony Nunn became the 13th Emerald Grand Master.