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ABF Committee of Honour

The ABF recognises individuals who have given outstanding service to bridge through election to its Committee of Honour. Election takes place at the Annual General Meeting of the Federation’s Council. The members of the Committee of Honour elected to date are below. (Date elected in brackets).

Michael Sullivan (1974)

Australian representative player, pioneer administrator, teacher and newspaper columnist, and internationally-recognised bridge author, par hand setter, and contributor to development of the World Bridge Federation.

Julius Rosenblum (1977)

United States international representative player and sometime President of the American Contract Bridge League. Secretary-Treasurer of the World Bridge Federation from 1966-70 and President from 1970-1976.

Brenda Jones (1978)

First female President of the Australian Bridge Council (predecessor to the ABF) Long-term ABF councillor and prominent promoter and organiser of bridge in Tasmania over several decades. State representative player, bridge journalist, teacher and Congress organiser.

Wilfred Wallace (1979)

Leading player from the 1930s to the 1960s. Chairman of the NSWBA and long-serving Secretary and active and influential councillor of the ABF.

Denis Howard (1980)

Long-term Australian representative player, bridge administrator and President of the ABF. Bridge columnist and founding editor of Australian Bridge. Member of the Executive Council of the World Bridge Federation from 1982-1986 and President from 1986 to 1991.

Frank Cayley (1981)

Pioneer leading player and promoter of contract bridge in Australia, prominent bridge author and columnist. Long-term President of the NSWBA and multiple term President of the Australian Bridge Council. Vice-President of the International Bridge Press Association.

Tim Seres (1983)

Australia’s greatest ever player and automatic representative on Australian teams over two decades. Recognised world-wide for both play, stamina and politeness at the table.

Keith McNeil (1984)

Over many years a driving force and promoter of bridge in the ABF and SABA. ABF President. Long-standing bridge columnist, vu-graph commentator, and moderator of the internationally-acclaimed Bidding Forum in Australian Bridge. Pioneer of the role of the Recorder in major tournaments.

Hans Rosendorff (1984)

Long-serving involvement in Western Australian and Australian bridge administration and journalism with major contributions to the promotion and organisation of national and international competition. Early supporter of Australian participation in international women’s events.

James O’Sullivan (1984)

Multiple term President of the ABF and long-term office holder in the QBA. President of the South Pacific Zone of the World Bridge Federation and a prominent figure in the development of international bridge competition in Asia and the Pacific.

Richard Goldberg (1984)

Major figure in North American and world bridge. Prominent tournament director, long-term secretary and general manager of the ACBL. Treasurer and finance officer of the WBF from 1981 to 1990.

John Brockwell (1986)

Multiple term ABF President. Long-term contributor to national and ACT bridge administration over thirty years and major driver in the development of major tournament events and support for country clubs.

Michael Kent (1986)

National-level Director, long-term secretary of the ABF and Councillor.

Jaime Ortiz-Patiño (1986)

President of the World Bridge Federation from 1976 to 1986. Promoter of the use of screens in high level competition; and international youth bridge. International representative player for Switzerland.

Eric Ramshaw (1989)

Major long-serving contributor to the work of the ABF, particularly in relation to tournament policies and procedures. Bridge writer and tournament Director. Extensive support for interstate and international bridge teams as non-playing captain.

Joe Greenfeld (1989)

ABF Councillor for more than twenty years, Treasurer and President. Major contributions to ensuring the financial stability of the ABF and support for international competition and major tournaments.

Ivy Dahler (1995)

Member of three winning teams in Far East Women’s Championships and Australian representative on four other occasions. Prominent Director and long-term Masterpoints Secretary for the ABF and other positions for both the ABF and QBA.

Neville Moses (1995)

Long-term General Counsel to the ABF and major contributor to the development of ABF rules and regulations and policies related to ethical behaviour.

John Scudder (1995)

Long-term Councillor, Secretary and then Treasurer to the ABF. Long-term NSWBA Councillor and convener of major local and international Congresses, including 1985 Far East Championships and 1989 World Championships.

Roger Penny (1998)

Leading Tournament Director, officiating at most major Australian events over several decades. Foundation President of the Australian Bridge Directors’ Association. Long-term ABF Councillor and major tournament organiser.

Richard Grenside (1998)

Leading internationally recognised Director and authority on the laws of bridge. First Australian to officiate at World Championships. ABF Chief Tournament Director.

Dick Cummings (2000)

Eleven times Australian representative and winner of over twenty national titles. Winner of the Bols Brilliancy Prize. Eminent bridge teacher and columnist. Editor of the World Bridge News from 1989 to 1994.

Roelof Smilde (2010)

Internationally recognised leading player. Nineteen times Australian open teams representative, nine times member of winning interstate teams and four victories in the National Opens Teams.

Jessel Rothfield (2010)

Australian representative player, innovative administrator and major sponsor of local and international bridge. Several times President of the VBA and first President of the newly constituted ABF (created as the successor to the Australian Bridge Council).

Eilis Magner (2014)

General Counsel of the ABF for over 16 years.

Keith McDonald (2018)

Longest serving ABF President in a period of significant change for Australian bridge. Formerly Treasurer and member of the Management Committee. Long-serving office holder and recorder in the QBA.

Bruce Neill (2019)

Former President of the ABF, President Emeritus and long-term ABF Councillor and Management Committee participant. Long-term NSWBA Chairman and Council Member with major role in bridge ethics. As a player, represented Australia 11 times between 1996 and 2017 at World Bridge Federation events, as well as on numerous occasions at Asia Pacific Bridge Federation events. Multiple national event winner.

Roy Nixon (2020)

Roy Nixon was the President of BFACT from 2006 to 2017. In 2007 he became an Ordinary Member of the ABF Management Committee and in April 2008 he was elected as the Treasurer of the ABF, a position he held for 12 years.

Dallas Cooper (2022)

Dallas first became an ABF Council member representing the Tasmanian Bridge Association in 2000. She was a member of the Management Committee from 2014-2022.