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Australian Team Representative Youth Players

Australian Team Representative Youth Players Travelling representing Australia

The ABF has a duty of care to ensure Australian youth team representative players are properly supervised and cared for while representing Australia in international team events, wherever those events may be held.

When playing in any bridge competition as an Australian team representative where the competition involves an overnight or longer stay away from the player’s home, players under 18 years of age, who are representing the ABF, or who are receiving a subsidy from the ABF, must be in the constant care of a parent or suitably qualified, parentally approved guardian. The parent or guardian has the sole legal responsibility for the supervision and care of the young player.

The ABF considers constant care would preclude the parent or guardian playing in the same or associated/parallel event if there was a possibility that children could be unsupervised in an unsuitable environment; or at an unsuitable time; or for an extended period of time. Unsuitable environments would include, but are not be restricted to, licensed premises or hotels. After 6.00pm would be considered an unsuitable time and more than 2 hours an unsuitable period. Naturally more stringent supervision requirements would be required for children under 14.

All expenses relating to the supervision of players who are under 18 are the responsibility of the players and their parents. The ABF’s financial responsibility to these players is limited to the extent of the financial assistance offered to other members of the team or subsidy group. The ABF will however, always consider an application by an approved chaperone for assistance with the purchase of an airfare.

The ABF requires the parent(s) of under 18 players to sign the attached form acknowledging these conditions.

Notwithstanding the above conditions ALL players representing the ABF are required to maintain a standard of behaviour which would reflect favourably on our organisation.

Document File Australian Team Youth Representative Parental Consent Form 


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