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2021 ANC Open and Restricted Butler Pairs

The Australian Open Butler Pairs Championship and the Australian Restricted Butler Pairs Championship will now be contested online

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Margaret Bourke Invitational Teams

The Margaret Bourke Invitational Teams will run from October 1st to October 3rd.

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Online HCL International 2021

HCL invites players to participate at the 18th Online HCL International Event from 18-26 September on RealBridge

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Tri-Nations event between Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia

Australia will participate in an online Tri-Nations event against New Zealand and Indonesia on 11-12 December 2021.

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PQP’s and Gold Point Allocations for Q4 2021

The ABF Board has agreed to recommendations from the Tournament Committee.

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Sydney Spring Nationals 2021

The Sydney Spring Nationals is moving online using the RealBridge platform.

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