Asia Cup Mixed Team PQPs

Mixed PQPs will be awarded to the Mixed Team representing Australia at the Asia Cup.

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PQPs for 2022

The ABF Tournament Committee has announced revisions to the playoff conditions and PQP’s associated with events to be held in 2022 and 2023….

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PQP Awards Table for 2022 Leading to 2023 Open/Mixed Teams Playoffs

The PQP Awards table for 2021/2022 for the 2023 Open and Mixed Teams Playoffs has been posted.

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PQPs for 2022 Playoffs

The PQP table for the Open, Women’s and Seniors Playoffs for the 2022 Australian teams has been updated.

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PQP’s and Gold Point Allocations for Q4 2021

The ABF Board has agreed to recommendations from the Tournament Committee.

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