PQP’s and Gold Point Allocations for Q4 2021


PQP’s and Gold Point Allocations for Q4 2021

The ABF Board has agreed to the following recommendations from the Tournament Committee:

PQPs be awarded at the rate of one-half of the equivalent award for the face-to-face event. Open PQPs may be transferred to the Women’s and Senior’s panel in accordance with the current rules. Further any Women’s pair in the top 20% of the SNOT Datums will be awarded 6 PQPs (half the current rule provision).

All awards are solely for the 2022 Playoffs (in pairs format), scheduled for February/March 2022 and will be added to the 2020/2021 points awarded to date. Qualification for the Mixed Playoff in March 2022 will be addressed in a separate announcement.

++ Spring Nationals Open Teams

++ Dick Cummings Matchpoint Swiss Pairs

++ GNOT National Final


VBA to be invited to run an online VCC in December

++ VCC Open Swiss Pairs

++ VCC Open Teams

If the VBA decides not to do so, the ABF may conduct a 2-day Swiss Pairs in December with PQP awards commensurate with the VCC Open Swiss Pairs


++ ANC Interstate Teams, if held online

(Note: it is recommended that the “participation” award of 6 PQPs should still be allotted at the full rate as the qualification events were held face-to-face.)

In line with normal practices for PQP events, it is recommended that Gold MPs be awarded for these events at the usual Grade A rate.

This recommendation is to address the extraordinary COVID-19 lockdown and travel ban circumstances we face in the balance of 2021. It does not apply to events in 2022. If extraordinary circumstances persist into 2022, they will be addressed at that time.

3 September, 2021

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