PQPs for 2022


PQPs for 2022

With the completion of the first PQP event (SFOB) for 2022 leading to Playoffs for the 2023 Teams it is appropriate to repeat the announcement regarding playoffs included in the Board communique of October 25th.
» ABF Mid Term General Meeting October 25th

“Playoffs for 2022 and 2023 Australian Teams

Council agreed with Tournament Committee (TC) recommendations regarding Australian Team Playoffs for 2023 Open, Women’s, Seniors, and Mixed Teams. The Open and Mixed Playoffs will be eight team knockouts based on Open or Mixed PQPs earned in 2022. Women’s and Seniors Playoffs will be open entry events held in conjunction with the National Women’s Teams and National Seniors Teams respectively in the 1st week of the 2023 Summer Festival.”

PQPs for 2023 Open and Mixed Teams to be awarded in 2022.

PQPs leading to the playoff for the 2023 Australian Open Team will commence in 2022 with the Summer Festival (online) and with the Spring Nationals. The Mixed PQP year commenced with the 2021 ANOT Mixed Pairs and will finish with the 2022 Event in WA if held.

» 2022 PQP Awards Table

PQP Compiler

The ABF is pleased to announce that Charles Page has agreed to take on the role of PQP Compiler for 2022. Thanks to Charles for taking on this role. The ABF would also like to acknowledge and thank John Scudder who filed the PQP Compiler role for many years.

Awards from the SFOB will be posted with other event awards received in Q1 2022 in April.

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