Green Baize Gladiators: Bridge as a mindsport for all (BAMSA)


Green Baize Gladiators: Bridge as a mindsport for all (BAMSA)

Please find below BAMSA’s recent publication plus a short video and podcast. These are based on our research with adult bridge players, which we are using to introduce the concept of mindsport education for schools:

Green Baize Gladiators: Bridge as a mindsport for all

 If you would like to share the resources separately, please use these links: Podcast:

Video: Is bridge a sport?  Unveiling the rigour behind the game

Please feel free to use any of these materials in promoting bridge or on your website, all we ask is that someone drops BAMSA an email to let us know how/where you’ve used it as that is helpful for reporting to the University.

If any NBO would like to translate the paper, that is fine so long as they cite Research Outreach and their website as the original source. If the NBO wanted to use the photos from the article or have it formatted in the same style, there would be a small charge by Research Outreach (if interested in translation contact

BAMSA has also published a report on Promoting and Marketing Bridge plus a three- page summary:

McCutcheon, A, and Punch, S. (2024) A Sociological Study on Promoting the Mindsport Bridge, BAMSA Report: University of Stirling.


BAMSA’s most recent academic journal article discusses the shift to digital bridge during the global pandemic. It covers four key themes: digital volunteer facilitators, maintaining social connections through digital bridge, the practical benefits, and the digital constraints and challenges.

The full paper can be accessed here: Situating bridge: Understanding older adults’ digital leisure practices during the COVID-19 pandemic

A two-page summary is available here.

And finally, BAMSA has just published a new book: The Art of Becoming a Top Player. It is based on 60 interviews as part of the Bridging Minds project, and is available to order from Amazon or other bookstores.

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