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Playoff Qualifying Points

PQP lists are maintained by John Scudder. Please direct all PQP queries to him at pqp@abf.com.au.

PQPs leading to the Playoffs for the 2022 Australian Teams

2020/2021 PQP Awards Table

The 2020/2021 PQP year for the 2022 Open/Women’s/Seniors’ Playoffs begins with the 2019 Spring Nationals and ends with the 2021 Hans Rosendorff Women’s Swiss Pairs.  For the Mixed it begins with the 2021 Autumn Nationals and ends with the 2021 Spring Nationals.

2020/2021 Current Standings Open | Women’s | Seniors | Mixed
2020/2021 Playoff Points by Event Open | Women’s | Seniors | Mixed
2020/2021 Playoff Points Details for each Event Open | Women’s | Seniors | Mixed

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