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PQP Policies

PQP Transfer Policy

All PQPs won in open events may be used towards qualification for the women’s or seniors’ playoffs by players who are eligible and are members of the Women’s or Seniors’ Panels.

Players with Open PQPs who meet the age requirement may request addition to the Seniors’ Panel and transfer of their Open Points.  Similarly, Women with Open PQPs may request addition to the Women’s Panel and transfer of their Open Points. 

Please email the PQP Compiler at pqp@abf.com.au if you wish your points to be transferred and are not already on the Seniors and/or the Women’s panel.

PQP Policies as at July 4, 2018

  1. Open PQPs are able to be transferred to the Women’s and/or Seniors’ PQP list
    without restriction.
  2. Open PQPs, however earnt, will count double when transferred to the Women’s
    PQP list.
  3. PQPs earnt in a Women’s PQP event run concurrently with a Seniors’ PQP events
    (including Playoff events) may be transferred to the Senior’s PQP list without
  4. PQPs earnt in a Seniors’ PQP event run concurrently with a Women’s PQP events
    (including Playoff events) may be transferred to the Women’s PQP list without
  5. Individual players are responsible for requesting a transfer of PQPs earnt in a
    different category (Open, Women’s, Seniors’). They must request such a transfer by
    emailing pqp@abf.com.au. Any such request will remain in force until the player
    requests that it be revoked.
  6. In order to earn PQPs in the NOT, players must have also satisfied the board rule in
    the SWPT. PQPs which are not awarded in the NOT due to ineligible teams may only
    be won by teams which have played in the NOT.
  7. PQPs will be awarded for superior performance in international target events as
    defined by the TC/MC each year. Where a placing in a certain top subset of a field
    (eg, half, quarter, etc) is required, any fraction will be rounded down.
  8. PQPs earnt by international representation in Youth Teams, Mixed Teams and/or
    Super-Mixed Teams events which are defined as Target Events will be allocated as
    Open PQPs with the usual provision for transfer to the Women’s or Seniors’.
  9. In addition to any Open PQPs they may be awarded, 12 Women’s PQPs will be
    awarded to the top three all-female pairs in the South West Pacific Teams, the Gold
    Coast Teams and the Spring National Open Teams, provided that these pairs:
    * met the PQP board rule;
    * met the pairs board rule; and
    * finished in the top 20% of the field on modified datum calculated as IMPs/board.
    (The field will be deemed to consist of all pairs who played sufficient matches to
    satisfy the PQP board rule for the relevant stage of the event.)
  10. Pairs may earn a PQP Partnership Bonus provided they play a designated number
    of stanzas in each stage of an event. The designated number is calculated by
    subtracting one from the number of stanzas in the stage and dividing by two (rounded
    down if necessary). Both players must also satisfy the PQP board rule in order to be
    eligible for PQPs. The current 50% discount for PQPs not earnt in the same unit will
    be discontinued. The PQP Partnership Bonus of double will be applied to those PQPs
    earnt as a pair at the time they enter the Playoffs in that partnership. As a
    consequence, an entry to the Playoffs must designate the partnership in which the
    entrants will play