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Allocation of PQP

The primary purpose of Playoff Qualifying Points (PQP) is to select the Australian Open and Mixed teams via the playoffs. To be eligible for the playoffs each player must have at least 1 PQP.

Teams with a greater number of PQP are advantaged by having choice of opponents, a carry-forward advantage in case of a tie in a match and, should fewer than 8 teams enter the Playoff, a bye through to the Semi-Finals.

The criteria for allocating PQP to an event include:

  • Quality of field eligible to receive PQP’s
  • Size of field
  • Rigour of the event (e.g. long final matches)
  • Relativity with other events and rebalance of awards due to increased number of events and PQP Inflation.
  • Geographical fairness in access to PQP

Each year the Tournament Committee reviews the PQP table for the following year. It also considers applications from States/Tournament Organisers for allocation. In this instance the following criteria would be considered;

  • The number of PQP events for that category (Open,  Mixed)
  • Comparative events
  • A consistency or improvement in field quality over approximately a 3 year period for that event