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The Keith McNeil Library at ABF Headquarters

For all enquiries about the library contact the ABF office at secretariat@abf.com.au.

Why should the ABF have a bridge library?

It is part of the ABF’s charter of fostering the development of bridge. The written word is an important part of bridge for it adds much to the game more. Books, magazines and other printed material gives anyone who can read the possibility of enjoying the game of bridge away from the table. The library should be considered part of the record of the development of bridge. Without a history, we have no future.

What should the role of the ABF be?

The ABF plays a very important role in promoting the library. It promotes donations of items by members and provides funds to the support acquisitions. The ABF sees the library as a living repository of bridge material.

What books, magazines and memorabilia does the ABF display and keep?

The ABF would love to have first editions of all English language editions of bridge books and pamphlets. It aims to obtain genuine new editions but not necessarily reprints of works. Wherever possible, the library seeks to have a hardback copy of a book.

Also, the ABF aims to have complete sets of all major international and national magazines in the English Language, bound in volumes or by years.

Luckily the ABF has an excellent base for building a bridge library for the future thanks to the generosity of Keith McNeil, who donated his large collection of bridge books and magazines to the ABF before he died in 1993.

How does the ABF store and display its collection?

The books in the collection are in the process of being stored alphabetically by author with the decade of publication.

Who should have access to the library?

The well-known problems with lending books have forced the practical decision that the library should be accessible only as an on-site reading and research facility. Those who want to use as a research facility may do so by pre-arrangement.

What record of books does the Library have?

An inventory is maintained on a purpose-designed database. The library has just added a number of recent books. When the process of entering and checking all books is done, a list will be added to the ABF Web site.