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Library List

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Abern, Wendell & Fiedler, Jarvis DeanBridge Is a Contact Sport1995
Abrahams, GeraldBrains in Bridge1962
ABTAReport of ABTA Committee On Standard American1979
ACBLACBL Handbook for Intermediate-Newcomer Coordinators1995
ACBLACBL Twentieth Anniversary Yearbook - 19471947
ACBLAppeals At the 2004 Fall NABC/Orlando, Florida2005
ACBLAppeals At the 2004 Summer NABC/New York2005
ACBLAppeals At the 2005 Spring NABC/Pittsburgh2005
ACBLClub Manager's Tips for Running a Successful Bridge Club2000
ACBLClub Play Course2004
ACBLDiamond Play Course2004
ACBLDiamond Play Course2006
ACBLEasy Guide to Duplicate Bridge1966
ACBLEasy Guide to Duplicate Bridge1967
ACBLInformation Manual for ACBL Accredited Teachers1997
ACBLMajor Suit Raises II "Play" Course2006
ACBLModern Notrump Play Course2004
ACBLNew Member Guide: the ACBL from A to Z1998
ACBLPlanning and Organizing an Intermediate/Newcomer Sectional Or Regional tournament2000
ACBLRuling the Game/A Director's Guide to the 1975 Duplicate Code1978
Ace High (Daniel Wrixon Thorpe)Auction Bridge Simplified1931
Ace High (Daniel Wrixon Thorpe)Contract Bridge Simplified1932
Ace High (Daniel Wrixon Thorpe)How to Play Auction Bridge1932
Ackerley, ChrisThe Bridging of Troy Or Tales from the Trojan tournament1986
Ackerley, ChrisA History of the Otago Bridge Club1996
ACT Bridge AssociationThe Bridge Players' Cook Book1981
Adams, Charles TrueContract Bridge At Sight1930
Adams, Charles TrueContract Bridge Standardized1928
Adams, John RolandDefence At Auction Bridge1930
Adler, BillBridge Players Write the Funniest Letters to Charles Goren1968
Ainger, SimonIntroduction to Duplicate Bridge1999
Ainger, SimonSimple Conventions for the Acol System1995
Albarran, Pierre & Jais, PierreHow to Win At Rubber Bridge1961
Alder, Phillip1997 Daily Bridge Calendar1996
Alder, Phillip1998 Daily Bridge Calendar1997
Alder, Phillip1999 Daily Bridge Calendar1998
Alder, Phillip2000 Daily Bridge Calendar1999
Alder, Phillip2002 Daily Bridge Calendar2001
Alder, Phillip2004 Daily Bridge Calendar2003
Alder, PhillipGet Smarter At Bridge1994
Alder, PhillipThe New York Times/Bridge/2007 Engagement Calendar2006
Alder, PhillipYou Can Play Bridge1983
Allan, KenDeadly Endplay2008
Allard, J GordonIllustrative Hands Demonstrating the Entire Culbertson System of Contract Bridge1938
Allard, J GordonOutline of Culbertson Contract Bridge1937
Allard, J GordonOutline of Culbertson Contract Bridge1938
Allen, DavidThe Phoney Club: the Cleveland Club System1992
Ames, Delano LContract Bridge Rhymes1933
Ames, FisherThe Game of Bridge1906
Amsbury, JoeBridge: Bidding Naturally1979
Amsbury, JoeControl Asking (Or Blackwood and all That Jazz)1980
Amsbury, JoeDoubles in Competition1985
Andersen, Ronald EKilling Their Notrump (Championship Bridge Series No. 8)1979
Andersen, Ronald EThe Lebensohl Convention Complete in Contract Bridge1987
Andersen, Ronald EMatch Point Tactics (Championship Bridge Series No. 16)1979
Andersen, Ronald E & Zenkel, SabinePreempts from A to Z1993
Andersen, Ronald E & Zenkel, SabinePreempts from A to Z1996
Anderson, J WRedcastle Acol1979
Anderson, MollyBridge Party Hostess1995
Andersson, Ivar & Coffin, George SturgisSure Tricks1950
Anderton, PhilipBridge in Twenty Lessons1961
Anderton, PhilipContract Bridge Simplified1954
Anderton, PhilipPlay Bridge1967
AnonymousBasic Bridge1970
AnonymousBetter Auction Bridge/Including a Series of Articles Written for the "Daily Express" by Dsn On Contract Bridge1929
AnonymousBetter Bridge/Auction Contract (Completely Revised)1932
AnonymousBridge Club Contract As Experts Play It1936
AnonymousBridge Companion/Roll-A-Deal System1997
AnonymousBridge for Four/Series A/48 Hands for Intermediate Players1977
AnonymousBridge for Four/Series J/48 Hands for Advanced Players1977
AnonymousBridge Secrets of A Winner1971
AnonymousContract A-Bridged1932
AnonymousContract and Auction Bridge1933
AnonymousContract Bridge At Your Finger Tips1933
AnonymousEasy Lessons in Auction Bridge1922
AnonymousEasy Lessons in Auction Bridge1929
AnonymousGulf Bridge Lessons Number 1/The Culbertson System1934
AnonymousHow to Start Playing Bridge in Twenty-Two Minutes1957
AnonymousInternational Bridge Test1930
AnonymousKnow the Game/Contract Bridge1958
AnonymousPoint-Count Bidding1955
AnonymousPoints of Contact1932
AnonymousS-T-R-E-T-C-H the Rubber Or Bridge On the River Flat1983
AnonymousTournament Director's Manual1980
AnonymousThe Vienna System of Contract Bridge Bidding1934
AnonymousWith Finesse: Tips and Things About Bridge1960
AnonymousWorld-Wide Bridge Contest: Foreign Affairs Recreation Association1991
Antoff, TheoTanc Bidding: the Offensive2000
Apfelbaum, Jay MReno 1998 Spring NABC Appeals Committee Decisions1998
Apsimon, Hugh Ellis GEducating Evelyn: Conversations On the Curious Laws of Rubber Bridge1996
Arkell, ReginaldBridge Without Sighs1934
Arnold, PeterBasic Bridge2003
Arthur, JimmyKing Arthur and the Square Table1989
Atchison, George Turnour & Lindsell, Arthur James GurneyThe Why and Wherefore of Bridge1905
Atherton, George EdwardABC of Auction Bridge1916
August, Bill (William J)Defensive Bidding: Part I. Why When and How to Overcall1992
August, Bill (William J)Defensive Bidding: Part Ii. Why, When and How to Use the Take-Out Double1992
August, Bill (William J)Defensive Bidding: Part Iii. Why When & How to Balance Or Re-Open the Bidding1993
August, Bill (William J)Director's Setup Manual for Club Duplicate Pair Games1973
August, Bill (William J)Light Up Your Understanding of Bidding1995
August, Bill (William J)A Logical Approach to Standard Bidding/Course No 21974
Austin, W BWelcome to Bridge1977
Austin, W BWelcome to Bridge1980
Avery, Mabel AllenMother Goose On Bridge1909
Avondale, CyrilContract Bridge in Brief1935
Axelsen, I B & Dam, VillyMatch Point Tricks2004
Aydin, RamiMy Bridge Book1999
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