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Cruise Directors

Cruise Directors

Sixth Star have increased opportunities for Bridge Directors on cruise ships based out of Australia. Any Australian based ACBL (American Bridge League) and ACOL (British Bridge League) certified Bridge Directors who may be interested should contact Paul DiFilippi.

In posting this opportunity for Australian Bridge Directors to take advantage of sponsored cruises, we did not see that it was in any way counter-manding the wonderful services offered by our many directors in Australia, rather we saw it as a way that they could take a well-deserved holiday by off-setting the cost against services rendered. Please see a further explanation from a representative of the organisers below.

“Please be aware that the opportunities we offer are not paid or money making opportunities or considered employment. What we offer Bridge Directors is one of the best deals in cruising.

Sixth Star has been booking Bridge Directors on cruises for over 10 years. Each year we place hundreds of Bridge Directors on cruises throughout the world and most of our Bridge Directors have been booking cruises with us for many years. The cruises we offer are valued at thousands of dollars and it’s truly a wonderful way for Bridge Directors who enjoy sharing their knowledge and passion for the game to enjoy low cost cruising at a very small fraction of what they would pay as passengers.

Sixth Star does not receive any form of payment from our cruise line clients so in order for us to keep our doors open we must charge a small administrative fee ($65.00 USD per night, covers the Bridge Director and a Guest) for our work. The services we provide have value which include qualifying the Bridge Director on behalf of our cruise line, arranging the cruise booking, process cruise documentation, provide information and guidance to be successful as an onboard Bridge Directors, handle all questions/correspondence on behalf of the cruise line and much more.

We understand the opportunities are not for everyone but it would be a shame for those that would enjoy this opportunity to not to be aware of it. We are very upfront about our the details of our cruise opportunities and provide everything in writing. For example, a 10 night cruise for two that may cost approximately $4,000.00 USD as passengers would cost the Bridge Director $650.00. The number of bridge sessions that are conducted during a cruise are very reasonable and are based on the length of the cruise and number of sea days. The sessions are conducted while the ship is at sea so the Bridge Director has plenty of time to enjoy the ports of call and also their time onboard. The Bridge Director and guest will enjoy delicious gourmet meals, fantastic onboard entertainment, great ship amenities, and travel to beautiful ports of call. I’m very confident that any Bridge Director who tries our opportunity will enjoy the experience and realize the value of these wonderful cruise vacations for two. Most of our first time Bridge Directors call us from the ship to book their cruise cruise.”

Paul DiFilippi
Director of Enrichment
Sixth Star Entertainment & Marketing, Inc.
21 N.W. 5th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
Phone: (954) 462 – 6760 Ex. 224
Fax: (954) 462 – 0737
e-mail: paul@sixthstar.com
Website: www.sixthstar.com

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