2013 APBF Championships


2013 APBF Championships

The APBF Championships begin June 7, in Hong Kong. All information including bulletins and results can be found on the 2013 APBF website.

Photos from the APBF are at 2013 APBF – Photo Gallery.

Five Australian teams are competing:
David Beauchamp – Ian Thomson
Bill Jacobs – Ben Thompson
Andy Braithwaite – Ian Robinson
David Morgan (NPC)

Elizabeth Havas – Nevena Djurovic
Barbara Travis – Candice Ginsberg
Sue Lusk – Margaret Bourke
Howard Melbourne (NPC)

Terry Brown – Avi Kanetkar
Paul Lavings – Robert Krochmalik
George Bilski – Chris Hughes
John McIlrath (NPC)

Seniors – Klinger*
Ron Klinger (C) – Bill Haughie
Bob Richman – George Gaspar
Henry Christie – Peter Buchen

Seniors – Lusk
David Lusk (C) – Peter Chan
Russel Harms – John Zollo
Andrew Creet – Stephen Mendick

*Bob Richman sadly passed away on Friday June 7 and the Klinger team subsequently withdrew from the tournament.

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