2013 September


2013 IBPA Awards

Three Australians have received IBPA awards in 2013.

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2013 Sydney Spring Nationals

A new event has been added to the Sydney Spring Nationals programme.

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2013 Hans Rosendorff Memorial Congress

The Hans Rosendorff Memorial Congress was held in Perth on September 21-22.

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41st World Bridge Teams Championships – Bali

At the conclusion of the qualifying the Open team was 17th, the Women 15th and the Seniors 12th.

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Territory Gold Bridge Festival

The opening event of the Territory Gold Bridge Festival was won by Warren Lazer and Pauline Gumby. The teams event was won by ELLAWAY – Kim and Ray Ellaway, Sharon and Greg Mayo. Pauline and Warren also won the Swiss Pairs.

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What should I bid? (August 2013)

The best submission for August came from Warren Lazer.

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