2014 Grand National Open Teams


2014 Grand National Open Teams


2014 GNOT Winners – Sydney 2 – Kim Morrison, Avi Kanetkar, David Beauchamp, Peter Buchen and Terry Brown

2014 GNOT Runners Up – Adelaide 1 – Peter Chan, David Lusk, Joel Gue, Phil Gue, Attilio De Luca

2014 GNOT 1st Placed Country Team – Capricornia – Ron Lorraway, Ken Cupples, Malcolm Saunders, Adrian Lohmann

The 2014 Grand National Teams was won by Sydney 2 – David Beauchamp, Terry Brown, Peter Buchen, Avi Kanetkar and Kim Morrison who defeated Adelaide 1 – Peter Chan, Attilio De Luca, Joel Gue, Phil Gue and David Lusk (135-130).The best country team was Capricornia – Ken Cupples, Adrian Lohmann, Ron Lorraway, Malcolm Saunders.

Winners of the GNOT Pairs were Michael Prescott and Marlene Watts.


Knockout Draw


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