2015 Australian Youth Championships


2015 Australian Youth Championships

The 47th Australian Youth Bridge Championships took place at Bruce Hall at the Australian National University January, 10-17 with a playoff for the third berth for the 2015 Australian Under-25 team together with a youth test match between Australia and New Zealand for the Stern-Cornell Trophy concluding at QT Canberra on Saturday January 17.

The major title winners were:

Youth Pairs: Shane Harrison & Max Henbest.
Youth Teams: Nabil Edgtton, Daniel Braun, Jamie Thompson & Stephen Williams.
Youth Butler: 1st: Jamie Thompson & Stephen Williams;
2nd Shane Harrison &Max Henbest;
3rd Renee Cooper & Ella Pattison.

Youth Test: Australia (Jamie Thompson, Stephen Williams, Shane Harrison & Max Henbest) 155 – New Zealand (Andi Boughey, Glenn Coutts, Sam Coutts & Orla Harris) 100


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