2016 Grand National Open Teams


2016 Grand National Open Teams


2016 GNOT Winners:
Tony Nunn, Nye Griffiths, Liam Milne, Sophie Ashton, Sartaj Hans and Paul Gosney


Congratulations to SYDNEY 2 (Liam Milne, Nye Griffiths, Sartaj Hans, Tony Nunn, Sophie Ashton, Paul Gosney) who defeated SYDNEY 1 ( Peter Buchen, David Beauchamp, Terry Brown, Avinash Kanetkar, Ron Klinger, Kim Morrison)  in the final of the 2016 Grand National Open Teams (127-64 IMPs).



2016 GNOT Best Country Team:
Arthur Robbins, Denise Newland, Doug Newlands, Gary Ridgway

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