2018 Summer Festival of Bridge – Field Size Limits


2018 Summer Festival of Bridge – Field Size Limits

Summer Festival of Bridge – Important Announcement – Field Size Limits:

South West Pacific Teams, Canberra Rex U750/U300 Teams, Neura Two Day Swiss Pairs

Space restrictions mean the daily table limit at the Summer Festival is 140 tables, so maximum table limits are needed for three events over the period Monday 15 – Thursday 18 January:

The South West Pacific Teams will be limited to 122 teams. 

The Canberra Rex U750/U300 Teams will be limited to 18 teams. 

The Neura Two Day Swiss Pairs will be limited to 18 tables.


Unpaid entry fees: Entries are only confirmed once full payment is received. Once the maximum field size for the events above has been reached, entries with unpaid entry fees after 19 December 2017 will be placed on the Waiting List. If players need assistance making payment they should contact the Tournament Organiser, Roy Nixon on 0423043220.

Further entries: For all these events, any further entries after the limits are reached will be placed on a waiting list based on the date full payment of entry fees is made.

Further announcements will be made as required if table numbers for other events approach the 140-table limit.


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