2019 Gold Coast Congress


2019 Gold Coast Congress

Broadbeach, February 15-23, 2019


Open Pairs
Therese Demarco – Stephen Fischer

Seniors’ Pairs
Tony Marinos – Peter Grant

Intermediate Pairs
Kinga Hajmasi – Andrew Michl

Restricted Pairs
Neil Williams – Peter Fitzmaurice

Novice Pairs
Martin Brown – Gail Mckenzie

Weekend Matchpoint Swiss Pairs – Open
Michael Pemberton – Chris Ackerley

Weekend Matchpoint Swiss Pairs – 0-500
Linda Norman – Wendy Gibson

Monday Butler Swiss Pairs – Open
NS: Matthew Thomson – Hugh Mcgann
EW: Greg Lee – Alan Currie

Monday Butler Swiss Pairs – 0-500
Sonja Ramsund – Margaret Azar

Open Teams
James Coutts – Shane Harrison – Nabil Edgtton – Ellena Moskovsky – Liam Milne – Andy Hung

Seniors’ Teams
Zolly Nagy – David Middleton – David Smith – Neil Ewart

Intermediate Teams
Eric Baker – Keith Blinco – Max Holewa – Diane Holewa

Restricted Teams
Ian Bannister – Fran Martin – Jane O’Brien – Chris Hagen

Novice Teams
Bernard Yates – Nick Hullah – Kerry Barns – Sylvia Bray

Sunday Rookie Pairs
NS:  Stephen Bennett – Louise Bennett
EW:  Caroline Nelson – Felicity Mckenzie

0-50 Masterpoint Pairs – Tuesday
NS:  Upasana Shanti – Lynda Laffan
EW:  Dianne Hiles – Richard Booth

0-50 Masterpoint Pairs – Wednesday
Jane Clitheroe – Barbara Dillner

0-50 Masterpoint Butler Swiss Pairs
Robyn Lichter – Judy Leiba

Thursday Rookie Pairs
NS:  Caroline Nelson – Felicity Mckenzie
EW:  Jenny Sanders – Keith Sanders

Friday Novice Pairs
Gary Petterson – Laurie Bell

Open Butler Swiss Pairs
NS: Jane Beeby – Michael Wilkinson (Winners of the Ivy Dahler Trophy)
EW: Anne Somerville – Geoff Eyles

Intermediate Butler Swiss Pairs
Paul Corry – Chris Fernando

Restricted Butler Swiss Pairs
Annette Hagan – Janice Willoughby

Seres-McMahon Matchpoint Swiss Pairs
Robert Krochmalik – Viv Wood

New for 2019
If you would like to receive a text message at the end of each match with your result and next round draw, register your phone number at:

The service will be operating for Teams and Swiss Pairs events, and will be available to Australian phone numbers only. This is a pilot program, which has been extensively tested, but not on the number of competitors at the Gold Coast Congress. Should there be unexpected teething problems, we appreciate your patience.


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