2019 World Youth Open Championships – Sportsmanship in the QF


2019 World Youth Open Championships – Sportsmanship in the QF

The ABF received this email from our daily bridge columnist John Carruthers on the efforts of our youth team in Croatia:

“In today’s (August 26th) Daily Bulletin from the World Youth Championships, we learned that Australia beat Japan by 1 IMP in their quarterfinal match of the U-26 teams.

Then the Australians found a 1-IMP scoring error – IN JAPAN’S FAVOUR. They went to the TDs and reported it. The Japanese were found and a 2-board playoff ensued, won by Australia.

The Australians are: Michael Doecke (NPC), Renee Cooper, John McMahon, Nicholas Ranson, Matt Smith, Andrew Spooner and Jamie Thompson.

What terrific sportsmanship! I trust you all appreciate that your kids are representing you with honour and hope you can publicize their effort. That they won the playoff by 4 IMPs seemed appropriate karma.”

Unfortunately the Australian team were unable to progress to the final losing to the Netherlands in their semi-final match. Nevertheless reaching this stage was a fine achievement in a quality field and we congratulate them on their result. 

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