2020 Yeh Cup Open Online Tournament


2020 Yeh Cup Open Online Tournament

The 2020 Yeh Cup Open Online Tournament, August 14-16 on BBO.

Congratulations to New Zealand I ( Nick Jacob Geo Tislevoll Matt McManus Michael Ware James Coutts Justin Mill ) who defeated HAMPUR SUGAR MILLS in the Final (67-43)
Australia II ( Andy Braithwaite Arjuna De Livera Renee Cooper Ben Thompson Matt Mullamphy Ian Thomson Ron Klinger ) lost to HK Open in the playoff for 3rd place.

The event features 28 teams from across Asia, Australia and New Zealand and will be played as round-robins in two pools of 14 teams followed by knockout quarterfinals, semifinals and a final over the rest of the weekend.

Official website with teams, schedule and results: www.yehbros.com/ywt/2020ycool/Index.html

Delayed vugraph twitch streams:

www.twitch.tv/v8mama (feature table with commentary)







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