2021 Gold Coast Congress Cancelled


2021 Gold Coast Congress Cancelled

Tim Runting (GCC Tournament Organiser) and Kim Ellaway (QBA Manager) were forced by the GCCEC to make a decision about the Gold Coast Congress 2021 by today.   The following data considered in making the decision:

  • International travel without isolation will not happen till late 2021 if not 2022
  • The age group of participants is predominantly over 70
  • The GCCEC only allowing 60% of participants in the room space even after special dispensation from the Government to allow more participants than other venues.  This would mean having the same room but with fewer people
  • A survey to current participants had over 10% saying that they would not attend regardless, 3.7% would not attend until a vaccine is available and 2.8 sitting on the fence and just waiting.
  • Covid-19 has not gone away as yet
  • Domestic travel may not be available to its pre-pandemic extent 
  • Our sponsors may no longer be able to commit.  

The GCCEC has been notified that the QBA WOULD NOT be hosting the 2021 Gold Coast Congress.


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