2022 Gold Coast Congress Update


2022 Gold Coast Congress Update

UPDATE 10th January 2022

The Gold Coast Congress 2022 is in a fluid situation but at this point the Congress is proceeding.  So far, our number are on par with 2020.

The Bridge widows’ calendar is on our myABF site.

The sponsor’s list is on the myABF site.

Celebrity Speakers program is almost completed.

The Bulletin team headed by Andy Hung is on board.

Recorders have almost been complete.

All accommodation booked.

Directors are all confirmed.


Experts are expecting Omicron to peak at the end of January 2022, also 16 million Australians will be eligible for their booster shot by then, so with 6 weeks to go we remain positive that the event will be proceeding.

Being the 60th Anniversary we have really geared up for an exciting event!

Of course, we do not have a crystal ball to say what the 18th February will bring, however.… please let others know at this point, it is certainly going ahead!!”


The early bird discounts require payment before 7/2/22. Pele Rankin is our entry co-ordinator and if you have any trouble entering, please contact her on gccentries@qldbridge.com.au or phone 0439 949060.


Toni Bardon is our partnership coordinator & wonderful at matching people up so please drop her a line if you need help. tmbardon@hotmail.com  or phone 0401082054


This can be found on the main GCC MyABF site, click on the link, and scroll down:


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