30th World Wide Bridge Contest


30th World Wide Bridge Contest

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The 30th World Wide Bridge Contest

Organized by the WBF in cooperation with
CCBA & Beijing Lianzhong Interactive Network Inc

An exciting, revised Contest is coming for 2016 with an amazing prize for the winning pairs – qualification to a Final to be held in Beijing, China from 23rd – 25th September with coverage for travel expenses, free B&B accommodation and a great prize fund!

The new contest will comprise six simultaneous pairs events to be held on Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th April, Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th May and culminating with the final two on the traditional dates of Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th June.

From these events, 13 pairs will qualify for a 3-day final to be held in Beijing, China from 23rd – 25th September, joining a further 7 pairs from China, to play the 3-day final which will be played using BBO software.

Pairs participating in the final will have free B&B accommodation in double room, with free in-room Internet access offered by the Organization Committee. In addition the Organization Committee will provide each overseas player with US$1600 as subsidies for the round transportation expenses.

The final will have a prize fund of US$ 20,000 The 13 winning pairs will be selected as follows:

  1. the winning pair from each of the six simultaneous pairs events, then
  2. The winners from each Continent not having won an individual session PROVIDED they have scored over 55% then
  3. The highest scoring pairs from any session to complete the required number of pairs in the final.

Entry fee of US$2, £1.50 GBP or €1.90 per player. Payment instructions will be sent with the information to the participating clubs.

WBF Year points will be awarded to the winning pairs from each heat.

More details and all the information about the technical aspect of the contest will be found at www.ecatsbridge.com in due course.

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