7th FISU World University Bridge Championships


7th FISU World University Bridge Championships

Participation in online and physical FISU events in 2014

The ABF has received the following from Geert Magerman  :

For the 4th time, we will start the online World university Bridge Championships organised by FISU and WBF. We have noticed that a university bridge team of your country is participating, for which we thank you. We will be around 60 university teams in this online championships. The complete list with all the teams and names of the students can be found on www.unibridge.eu .

Unfortunately, we see that in the Physical FISU events, the participation is much lower, around 20 university bridge teams. This number is decreasing, and if this decrease continues, we will not be able to remain a sport within FISU and lose the online as well as the physical events.

Therefore we encourage your federation to send also a team to the FISU event in November 2014 in Croatia. You find all details below this letter. If there is a specific reason why an entry would not be possible, financial or otherwise, please inform Geert Magerman by email at : geert.magerman@telenet.be to see how and if we can help your federation.

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,

Geert Magerman                                                             G. Rona

From 1 November to 7 November 2014, FISU (International University sports Federation, www.fisu.net) and the WBF (World Bridge Federation, www.worldbridge.org) will organize the 7th FISU World University Bridge Championships in Opatija, Croatia.

Students can participate under the following major conditions:
–  being at a university or high school (or 1 year after or before studies)
–  being between 17 and 28 years old
–  having the nationality of the country being represented

All countries can enter 2 national teams. Teams can be composed of students from different universities. All students must be accepted by the National University Sports Federation (NUSF) of that country. The NUSF may have specific conditions.

The cost of participation and full board accommodation is 65€/day/student. In addition there is a small entry fee of +/- 50€/student for the whole event.

Teams can only be entered by the National University Sports Federation (NUSF) of the country, and not by National Bridge Organization. The entry procedure is as follows:

–      The “general” FISU form a should be entered by NUSF to the local OC before 01/05/2014

–      The “quantative” FISU form a should be entered by NUSF to the local OC before 01/08/2014

–      The “individual” FISU entry form a should be entered  by NUSF to the local OC before 1/10/2014

All official FISU entry forms are available on www.fisu.net.

More information about the event will be published soon on different websites:

–      www.fisu.net

–      www.unibridge.eu

–      Facebook “Unibridge”

If you have any question or problem for registration, please contact geert.magerman@telenet.be

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