A Bridge Column


A Bridge Column

Paul Marston is offering a free a weekly bridge column to hopefully keep players amused whilst clubs are closed.

He has written a weekly newspaper column continuously for the past 45 years. Paul will draw the columns from his extensive collection that have some historical interest as well as an instructive hand. Each column will be introduced in an email where he will give you a bit of background and the columns will have a link that will allow you to play the hand yourself in Bridge Solver.

Bridge Solver is a great application that allows you to replay a hand and analyse the results. It is like Bridge Baron or Jack, only better. Lots of fun and a great way to learn. 

Today’s column comes from the Financial Review in April 1991. Around this time, Bols, the Dutch liquor company, was sponsoring a competition where the world’s leading players were invited to supply a tip including Paul. This column presents one of his favourite tips from the competition. It comes from Andrew Robson, who runs a stylish bridge club in London. Worth remembering if we are ever allowed to travel again.

The column is here.

Paul is happy to send this to anyone who signs on here:bridgelounge.online/free-subscription/

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