ABF AGM and Management Committee Meeting April 27-28, 2019


ABF AGM and Management Committee Meeting April 27-28, 2019


The ABF Annual General Meeting was held on 27th- 28th April 2019, at the Vibe Hotel, Canberra airport. A significant part of the MC meeting on 28th April was to progress AGM decisions.

ABF Management Committee

Richard Wallis joined the Management Committee in January following the resignation of Therese Tully.  Richard was the only nomination received for the vacant position as an MC member and was therefore elected until 2020.

Appointment of Bruce Neill to the ABF Committee of Honour

ABF Council unanimously appointed Bruce Neill to the ABF Committee of Honour for his outstanding service to the ABF.  Bruce was President of the ABF for four years and President Emeritus for a further year two years. He has served on the ABF Council since 2011.

As a player, he has represented Australia numerous times in both World Bridge Federation and Asia Pacific Bridge Federation events. His contribution to bridge in Australia has been outstanding and I personally thank Bruce for his support and wise counsel.


A review of regional team allocations for the National Final will be undertaken. Ray Ellaway, will make recommendations to the ABF MC for consideration at the July meeting.  Any changes will be implemented for the 2020 GNOT final.


ABF Tournament Committee

For health reasons, David Morgan will take leave of absence from his position as Chair of the ABF Tournament Committee.  Peter Reynolds has accepted the acting position during David’s absence.



ABF Strategic Review

Council accepted the Draft 2019-2022 ABF Strategic Review. Relationship building with members is a key strategy in the plan as satisfied members are more likely to retain their membership and recommend bridge to others. Our key focus areas will include significant levels of investment in:

  • Technology (to develop and secure our basic systems that clubs need to operate efficiently)
  • Marketing and teaching to drive membership satisfaction and growth 
  • Improving directing training and development;
  • International team performance and youth bridge. 

A copy of the 2019-2022 ABF Strategic Plan will be placed on the website later this week.

Marketing Grants

The remaining marketing grants to states and territories will be withdrawn in 2020 for one year to support the introduction of a trial of a programme in co-operation with clubs that will help them to grow membership.  This will be a targeted programme that NSW has agreed to trial in a region. To apply for inclusion in the Cooperative Advertising Program visit https://tinyurl.com/ABFApplications2019. For more information contact the head of marketing Peter Cox at marketing@abf.com.au

1st WBF/APBF NBO Officers’ Seminar – Singapore – 8th-10th June 2019

The WBF together with the APBF will be holding the above-mentioned Seminar for APBF National Federation Presidents and Officers. The ABF has been invited to send delegates. Bruce Neill, Ben Thompson and Allison Stralow will attend the seminar.


ABF Foundation

An ABF Foundation will be established to provide an avenue for those members who wish to make a donation or leave a bequest to the ABF.

Masterpoint Centre Fees

Masterpoint Centre fees, both Capitation fees and charges for masterpoints, will rise by 1.9% from the 1st April 2020. This figure is based on the movement in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). 

ABF Board Dealing Tender

The ABF board-dealing tender will be circulated soon and placed on the ABF website.

Council Mid-Term meeting and 2020 AGM

The ABF will hold the Mid-Term ABF Council meeting and the ABF Management Committee meeting on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November 2019 in Sydney.  The 2020 AGM will be held in Canberra 0n Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th May.

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The Management Committee welcomes feedback and suggestions on these or other subjects. The next MC meeting is 11th – 12th July at the Bayview Hotel, Melbourne.

ABF Management Committee:
Allison Stralow (President), Bruce Neill (President Emeritus), Kim Frazer (Secretary), Roy Nixon (Treasurer), Dallas Cooper (MC Member), Richard Wallis (MC Member). Geoffrey Chettle (General Counsel), Jane Rasmussen (Executive Secretary)

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