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ABF Club Online Games

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  • Enable your members to play with their friends in your virtual club, socialise and have fun
  • Create a way for your club to receive income whilst the club is closed
  • Allow your members to continue to earn masterpoints and grow their Masterpoint Ranking
  • Encourage your members to support their club by paying a small entry fee
  • Encourage club loyalty so that the members’ will return when your club re-opens

Please provide your BBO Username to the club director.

The cost of a game is BB$3 or about A$5.

» Steps for playing in ABF Club Online Games on BBO
» Check if your BBO Username is registered
» Check your masterpoints online
» Information for Club Managers on hosting ABF Club Online Games

Contact Matthew McManus at nec@abf.com.au to request to be a host club and the secretariat@abf.com.au or marketing@abf.com.au for any other information.